Mont Bleu Glass Nail File review

Mont Bleu is one of the top manufacturers of glass nail files created from high quality Czech tempered glass. They offer a wide variety of files in different sizes, colors and designs with Swarovski embellishments. They also offer a selection of beauty supplies including tweezers, cosmetic mirrors as well as jewelry all decorated with Swarovski crystals.


I have been very eager to try a crystal nail file, so when Mont Bleu offered to send me some samples for review, I immediately responded with a yes. I have grown somewhat tired of buying and replacing my standard emery boards with such frequency. My nails, as of recently, have weakened and I have heard that glass files are a great option for those with fragile nails. My introduction to the world of glass nail files couldn’t have come at a better time, honestly.


Mont Bleu glass nail files are visually quite beautiful. The file featured here is from the ‘Crystal’ line and is 5.32 in. in length. I am a big fan of the gradient shading and the Swarovski elements are a lovely touch. The crystal file feels far less abrasive than your standard file. I was surprised to find how effectively it filed my nails with slightest of pressure. The file left my nails completely smooth and ready for polish. The best part is, the file should last me for years to come, that is if I am careful with it. Considering it is made of high quality tempered glass it should be quite durable. I have heard stories if glass files breaking the moment it touches your fingernail. I have been using these for several weeks, dropped them a few times in their plastic case and luckily they are still with me. 


I had a wonderful experience using Mont Bleu nail files. They are a great option for those with fragile nails or anyone who want a great nail file that is easy to use and lasts. They also make a great gift!

Mont Bleu nails file run from about $5 to $15 and are available here.

*Disclosure – This posts contains samples sent to My Lucite Dreams for consideration of review. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience. All links in post are there strictly available for your convenience.

13 thoughts on “Mont Bleu Glass Nail File review

  1. These look great, Taylor! I’ve been wanting to try glass files for a while and I keep hearing Mont Blanc brought up. I definitely need some new files–my emery board files are worn out at the moment and I file my nails every week so it’d be great to have something so durable! plus, these are really pretty 🙂

  2. The file is pretty! I’ve switched to glass files for some years now. My nails are super fragile, so the regular nail files really kill them. Glass is a much more gentle option!

  3. I tried these before, but I thought the pointy end was too sharp. I’m sure you can use it to stab someone. LOL! I don’t file my nails much (always gives me goosebumps) so I don’t know how to appreciate it. The design is very classy though.

  4. this looks too cute… looks more precious than my nails, haha. I might have trouble exploiting something as pretty for manual labor. 😀

  5. You made me want to use my glass nail file I got probably two years ago but was scared to use and they seem so much easier to use than the normal ones! Thank you and great review 🙂 ❤ I missed reading your posts. Hope you're well 🙂

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