MAC All About Orange Collection – Sweet & Sour and Sushi Kiss (swatches & review)

It seems as though MAC Cosmetics releases a new collection every couple of weeks. It is almost impossible to keep up and any MAC fanatic could easily spend a fortune on all the limited edition releases. I personally love MAC lipstick and usually just opt for their standard range of shades. However this season one collection truly spoke to me, the All About Orange Collection. 


MAC All About Orange Collection was created and inspired by the über popular and very current shade, orange. The collection features shadows, lipsticks, glosses, blushes and polishes ranging from true orange, to coral orange, to pink corals. I shied away from the true oranges and picked up two varying shades with pink tones for easier wear, Sushi Kiss and Sweet & Sour. I also finally came around to picking up Coral Bliss rounding up a lovely collection orange-tinged hues. (review soon)


Sweet & Sour is a pale peachy-pink with a creme finish. For a MAC Cremesheen its very pigmented with more of a satin finish. Sweet & Sour appears much lighter on my lips than when viewed in the tube. This is definitely a favorite of the collection for me. It’s similar to one of my favorite YSL Rouge Volupte lipsticks, #30 Faubourg Peach, and just as pigmented. For a more natural look you might want to apply this one over a balm.


Sushi Kiss is a stand-out shade that is an incredibly pigmented medium-tone peach-coral. This one gave me a bit of a clown face, and I have featured it in all its glory. While I love the shade and that name, I personally think it’s a bit much straight from the tube. I opt to wear it either over balm to soften it or along with a gloss. Sushi kiss has a satin finish.

mac-all-about-orange-sweet-sour(above) wearing Sweet & Sour
mac-all-about-orange-sushi-kiss-(above) wearing Sushi Kiss
mac-all-about-orange-swatches-3some comparison swatches

I picked up these two items from a restock on I am sure that by now they might be hard to find.

$15 each at

Did you pick up anything from the All About Orange Collection?

40 thoughts on “MAC All About Orange Collection – Sweet & Sour and Sushi Kiss (swatches & review)

  1. You`re very beautyful and Sushi Kiss accentuates your natural beauty. I`m going to try this shade as well when it comes to Russia

      1. Оh, I`m very pleased to hear these good words from you:)
        I always rely on your reviews when I choose coral lipsticks or blushes. Thanks a lot!

  2. Oh wow! I love both shades on you Taylor! Sweet and Sour looks like the perfect easy-wear lip color for you, and although Sushi Kiss is bright, I totally think it still works for you! I love both of the shades you chose from this collection. I wanted more, but chose to stop with Razzledazzler and Flamingo – I hope I don’t regret it! 😉 Thank you for the comparison swatches. I’ve been itching for another YSL product, so I am curious how Rouge Volupte #30 would look on me. I may have to check it out! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Angie! I’m sure both shade will look just stunning on you! I adore YSL #30. It brightens my whole complexion. I have swatches in the archives if your interested. xo

  3. I love both on you, Taylor! I didn’t end up picking anything up, but if I did Sushi Kiss would probably be part of the purchase if I did!

  4. Clown face! You are hilairs. That’s pretty much how I feel any time my lipstick pulls too “old lady power walking at the mall” on me! I do think Sushi Kiss is really bold but Sweet and Sour looks divine on you!

  5. Love both lipsticks on you! I don’t wear MAC lipsticks much because most of them are to drying on me. I have been reading lots of blog post about this collection though, and I believe it’s one of the better ones. And you’re right, there are too many new collections – kinda lost its novelty if you ask me >_<

  6. LOL @ clown face, it’s such an apt description although you hardly look like one. I love Sweet and Sour, that little bit of warmth makes it such a nicely wearable nude. I got Flamingo and Imperial Light (I think it’s called? Maybe?) from my editor while I was in NY, which are both great for summery looks.

  7. Oh wow! Both those colors are gorgeous. I like it very much but I don’t think it would be flattering for my skin than how lovely it looks on yours. Thanks! Kisses from roro 🙂

  8. Sushi Kiss, Flamingo, and Sweet & Sour were what I’d been eyeing from that collection. 🙂 I’m not so sure I can pull any of them off, aside from possibly Flamingo, so I didn’t end up getting any. Both look good on you, though, but I agree with MM, LOL @ “Clown Face!”

  9. My head is spinning from all the collections MAC is releasing! Way too many imo. I agree, this one is super pretty and both these lipstick shades look great on you. I almost got Sweet & Sour but wouldn’t wear it often enough so I passed.

  10. I was able to check these out in-store before they were sold out, which I was so happy for as I loved the idea of this collection. However, I found all the shades to be too light for my skintone 😦 But no mind, because they look fantastic on you Taylor!

  11. Sushi Kiss looks so pretty on you! And I totally agree about the new releases. I haven’t bought anything from MAC in months because even if I like something from a limited edition collection, it sells out quickly before I even have a chance to get it, and I’ve found that it’s not worth enough of my time to go hunting it down anymore!

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