Osmia Organics DetoxExfoliating Mask & Protein Exfoliating Mask Review

Osmia Organics is a natural and organic brand to know! Osmia translates to “sense of smell” and when formulating their products, Osmia concentrates a great deal of attention to the scent and aromatherapeutic benefits of their products. Osmia reminds you to see, feel and smell when using their products, creating a sensory experience in which to fully immerse yourself.

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Osmia is a brand that has been buzzing around the beauty world. I have been very eager to trial the line, and Osmia kindly sent me two samples of they’re popular exfoliants. I received sample sizes of their Detox Exfoliating Mask and their Protein Exfoliating masks, both of which can be used as a quick exfoliant or left on for the deeper treatment of a mask.

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Protein Mask

The Protein Mask contains ‘protein-rich’ adzuki beans and quinoa that offer a manual exfoliation, while a combination of essential oils offer an additional enzymatic exfoliation. The mask has an earthy scent of natural grains. The mixture starts to harden in about five minutes. After the mask hardens the grains can become quite abrasive so it is recommended to use a very gentle hand and a lot of water when removing the mixture.

I love to use this as a mask, although if I am short on time I use it for a quick cleanse/exfoliation. Either way the benefits are clear. The Protein Mask works well at removing all of the skin-dulling residue, leaving you skin feeling and looking incredibly smooth, bright and definitely plumped. I am personally a huge fan of double-exfoliation and this mask works perfectly to give you brighter, more youthful appearance without making your skin feel dry.

Detox Mask

The Detox Mask contains three kinds of purifying clay and bamboo charcoal to deeply cleanse and remove toxins. Raw Cacoa and manuka money soften and condition while finely ground walnut shells resurface the skin. The clay and charcoal lend the mask its beautiful dark color, and the scent of charcoal is the most prominent.

As the mask starts to harden, about 5 minutes in, you will feel some tingling where the skin is being taught. When the mask fully dries you will receive great satisfaction in seeing all of the spots, especially in the parts around the nose, where the mask has sucked out all the pore clogging dirt and debris. After you remove the mask your skin will feel deeply cleansed, clear and softened without feeling dry. I can honestly say I love this more than my former HG clay/charcoal mask from Origins.

I highly recommend both of these mask to anyone of any skin type!

 Detox Exfoliating Mask $50 & Protein Exfoliating Mask $40

Both available for purchase at osmiaorganics.com

*Disclosure – This posts contains samples sent to My Lucite Dreams for consideration of review. I do not receive compensation for my reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience. All links in post are there strictly available for your convenience.

8 thoughts on “Osmia Organics DetoxExfoliating Mask & Protein Exfoliating Mask Review

  1. Hey Taylor, now I need to try some Osmia soon! I’m not really sure what I’ll think about a mask that hardens, but if it pulls all the dirt out I’d like to try!

  2. These sound really good, Taylor! I still don’t know much about this brand although I am starting to see it featured more often. I think I’d like to try both of these!

  3. How cute do these samples look? And the masks seriously sound interesting! I’ve been hoarding masks like a crazy person lately – I guess it’s my next thing after randomly having purchased too many concealers. Anyway, these look good! Especially that Protein one.

  4. Wow! The detox mask sounds brilliant! I need a good exfoliant to clean my skin without making it dry and that sounds like it’s the one. It’s pretty expensive though but I’d say it’s worth it. Gonna save up to get it. Do you think though that it could cause allergic reactions?

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