Summer Favorites – a round-up of my ‘HG’ summer essentials

Instead of doing my standard ‘Monthly Favorites’ post, I decided to hold off and compose a round-up of my absolute ‘Holy Grail’ summer favorites. The products featured in this post are much more than favorites, but my utter essentials. The one’s that I cannot do without, the crème de la crème if you will. Enjoy…


  • Coola Organic Suncare Sunscreen Mineral Matte Tint – Coola’s line of sunscreens are all-natural, organic and full of skin-healthy ingredients. The Matte Tint is my everyday sunscreen and works beautifully as a makeup base.
  • St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse – This self-tanner delivers the most natural-looking tan that can easily be layered for more intensity. When applied with the tanning mitt it’s completely fool-proof. It lasts long and wont fade in weird patches.
  • Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin C Serum – It always surprises me just how moisturizing this one product is alone. My drier skin just drinks it up. With a heavy-dose of antioxidants, this paired along with a sunscreen, is all I need to fight the elements for the day.
  • RMS Beauty Oil – An exquisite oil from RMS that get’s me glowing. Perfect for summer and a complete multi-tasking, problem solver.
  • Osmia Detox Exfoliating Mask – Although this is a newer product in my routine, it has quickly won over my heart and demands to be included. This powder mask deeply cleanses, exfoliates and leaves my skin incredibly smooth and visibly radiant. The results are immediately evident.
  • NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer – This Tinted Moisturizer is one of my favorite bases and an all-around favorite product.  I love it mostly for the radiant, ‘lit from within’ finish it delivers. When I want more coverage i’ll often times mix it along with a heavier foundation just to get that ‘glow’.
  • L’Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara – This formula is completely waterproof and smudge proof. Why I love it the most? It lengthens, volumizes and freezes my curl and keeps it all-day. This is a year-round favorite!
  • Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base – It’s all about creamy products for summer. This gel/cream bronzer from Chanel has a dreamy texture. It’s a very easy product to create a summer glow.
  • Chanel Le Vernus in Azure – This is what I am personally deeming the shade of summer and possibly of all-time. This duo-chrome transitions from blue to green, and metallic to shimmer depending on the light in which you view it. It’s complexity and all of it’;s variations are exquisite. The formula is certainly not the longest wearing one but it’s beauty makes up for it.
  • Living Proof No Frizz Styling Cream – Until I found this product I could not maintain nor manage my curly hair in the summertime. The Styling Cream from Living Proof is like nothing other. It’s keeps my naturally curly hair straight and frizz-free in any heat. Its like having your hair professionally straightened without the flatness. Curly girl must-have!

What are some of your summer ‘HG’ essentials and favorites? Spot any here?

13 thoughts on “Summer Favorites – a round-up of my ‘HG’ summer essentials

  1. Hey Taylor, sooo a friend arrived from the US with my Sephora order (two more Hourglass brow pencils. Mine is on its last leg!), and one of the samples she randomly ordered is a Living proof satin hair serum. I haven’t paid much attention to this brand before, but I remember reading about it here. I’d love to try it out since it contains no silicone or oil. That’s kinda rare!

  2. Great product picks! I especially like your St Tropez pick! I am in LOVE with this product. I used Clarins self tanners for years because I liked the colour the best until I was persuaded to give St Tropez a try this summer. It really is fool proof with the mitt. Golden tropical colour and no odour. Love it!

  3. ohhh, I see some of my favs as well, the st tropez mousse is my HG! I am using it right now. and of course, RMS Beauty, this oil is amazing and makes my skin so soft. great summer essentials Taylor xxx

  4. I keep hearing things about Osmia Organics lately! Such a great list, your taste is impeccable. I’ve been looking for a good mascara and have yet to find one I like at the drugstore, so will definitely keep that L’oreal one in mind.

  5. Great products!!!! Have you tried the Voluminous Full Definition yet? It’s the same shape tube as the original but its a light gold color…amazing! Basically the same thing as the original formula but maybe a little bit more defining…less likely to clump. I think you would like it! XO


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