Marc Jacobs High-Shine Nail Lacquer 142 Fluorescent Beige

Marc Jacobs’ new beauty collection was recently released at Sephora. The collection features a full range of products, including powders, foundations, makeup brushes as well as a select few product to “share with the boys“. The packaging is right on track to the Marc Jacobs aesthetic and generally bold on color. The Full Coverage Lip Vinyl’s as well as the range of High-Shine Nail Lacquers were the pieces that particularly spoke to me. In most, this neutral though complex shade, Fluorescent Beige.

mj-polish-2Marc Jacobs’ Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer was formulated to deliver a “plasticized, wet-look” and the shine of “30 coats of lacquer.” I would say this description is right on in relation to shade 142 Fluorescent Beige. The Enamored Nail Lacquer is also 3-free and available in a range of 24 shades.


The Nail Lacquer from Marc Jacobs comes in an adorable oval-shaped bottle. The black cap removes to reveal a smaller, round cap for an easier application. The brush is standard, like that familiar of Essie and Opi Nail Polishes. The formula isn’t anything exceptional and takes some talent to create a streak-free finish. What is exceptional however, is the incredible finish which is heavy on shine and “gel-like“. The iridescence in Fluorescent Beige also adds to that awesome plasticized-finish. I’ve been wearing Fluorescent Beige now for 5 days and there is zero indication of wear.


Marc Jacobs High-Shine Nail Lacquer in 142 Fluorescent Beige


Fluorescent Beige is an iridescent light mauve pink. The color is transformative in different lighting, transitioning to deep mauve to a lighter pink beige. So, despite some difficulty in application, the shade and finish well make up for it. There are some stunning shades in the collection and I am curious to further discover Marc Jacobs range of Nail Polishes.


photo taken outdoors


photo taken indoors, in natural lighting (note that high-shine finish)

Marc Jacobs High Shine Nail Lacquer is $18 at Sephora

Have you tried anything from the Marc Jacobs Beauty Collection?

21 thoughts on “Marc Jacobs High-Shine Nail Lacquer 142 Fluorescent Beige

  1. Oh hey, now this is an interesting shade! It has so much dimension! I’m not sure if we’ll get the line here, but if/when we do I’d love to check many pieces out!

  2. So so SO in love with this color! Thank you so much for the beautiful swatches, Taylor! I’m definitely going to have to purchase this one.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. This is totally stunning, I’m always up for twists on beige. I was expecting a really sheer, water-y formula and am pleasantly surprised by how opaque you were able to get it. It’s too bad about the difficulty with application though. As much as I love the color, I know I don’t have the patience for streaky formulas. I’m not very skilled with nail painting, so it takes concentration for me to even get non-streaky formulas applied neatly haha

  4. Hey Taylor! I’ve been reading mostly negative reviews on Marc Jacobs beauty, and while this one looks really good, I’d probably toss it just because it’s such a pain to apply! I always believe that if I need to put in effort to make it work, then, it’s not worth it. LOL!

  5. This one looks so understatedly pretty. I haven’t heard very good things about the formula so at he moment I am trying to open another brand page in my already too large inventory but your swatches made me consider it again 😉

  6. I’ve been really interested in trying MJ’s line but have yet to see anything in person and am torn by mixed reviews. A few of the polishes caught my eye though – this is definitely a unique take on a neutral shade! I’m not sure I have the patience for the formula though…

  7. I LOVE this! I just picked up Petra, a sparkly bronze with a lot of dimension, and it didn’t disappoint! I am loving the MJ polish line.

  8. This isn’t really my kind of shade, but I am curious to try one of the polishes – and a few things from the entire line! I haven’t had a good opportunity to go in and really give the line a hard look, but I’m hoping to do so soon!

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