The RMS Buriti Bronzer – A Natural and Luminous Tan (swatches & review)

I have long anticipated the arrival of the new bronzer from RMS Beauty since I heard word months ago of its production. Well the wait is over, it’s finally here! As soon as I saw it available on, I clicked it into my bag and checked out without reservation, sight unseen. I had no doubt that the bronzer wouldn’t be anything less than perfection, and I was right! That’s RMS for you!


The Buriti Bronzer from RMS gets it’s named for the wild-crafted Buriti Oil that it contains. Buriti Oil has the “highest levels of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene know to man.” All ingredients are natural and organic, which include Coconit Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Seed Oil, Cacoa Seed Butter and Rosemary Extract. With RMS you get amazing formulas along with healthy skin ingredients.


Straight to the point, the Buriti Bronzer gives the skin the most luminous and natural-looking tan. Free of any artificial orange tones, this is what a healthy, tanned-skin looks like. The shimmering, metallic appearance of the bronzer, when viewed in the jar and in the swatch, can appear almost intimidating, but have to fear. When applied to the skin the bronzer translates to a healthy, luminous glow. The creamy bronzer blends beautifully and builds well for a deeper tan. I can imagine this shade will suit a wide range of skin-tones. Darker skin-tones may use the Buriti Bronzer as a highlighter.


( photo taken in direct sunlight)


(photo taken with flash to show the way it catches the light)


In the image above I have applied the RMS Buriti Bronzer using my fingertips and the Japonesque HD Dual Sided Brush to further blend. I applied the color to the apples of cheeks, front of nose, and top of forehead, where the sun would naturally hit. I also applied it heavily into the contours of my cheeks for some definition. I am also wearing the Buriti Bronzer as an eyeshadow.

RMS Buriti Bronzer $28 at

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22 Responses to The RMS Buriti Bronzer – A Natural and Luminous Tan (swatches & review)

  1. This color is beautiful, it almost looks blush-like to me, with red tones. And of course the ingredients make it extra enticing. I love how it looks on you, very natural, and it looks great as an eyeshadow, plus I imagine it’s almost like wearing an eye cream with all the skin care benefits

  2. Sunny says:

    Hey Taylor, Buriti looks great on you! I haven’t tried a cream bronzer yet, but you always make it look so good! Out of sheer curiosity: how does this compare with the Chanel one? Do you have a preference?

  3. Ebony Jay says:

    i love this color! it looks amazing with your skin tone as well (:

  4. Now I am even more excited to get this bronzer. RMS has yet to disappoint me and this bronzer looks so beautiful on your skin! How is the lasting power? I hope it will work well with my fair skin! The one thing I was worried about was the bronzer having sparkles in it but judging from your photos it looks very subtle and stunning- im so excited!

  5. Audreiana says:

    Very beautiful!! I’m going to be getting this soon but I am of a darker skin tone so I’m guessing this will be great as a highlighter on me like you said. It’s still very gorgeous though! Thanks for the review. Xo, Audreiana from True Beauty By Nature

  6. Latoya says:

    Beautiful, Taylor! That is the perfect natural after-summer glow to have this time of year. The fact that it’s got awesome ingredients in it just makes it that much better!

  7. It looks beautiful on you Taylor! But does it last? I’ve tried one of their eyeshadows and it didn’t last past 10 minutes on me. I find their products just absorb into my skin.

    • Yes it lasts! Their shadow definitely don’t last long on me either. I need to prime and set. Their cover-up, bronzer and lip2cheeks last all day on me!

      • Asti says:

        Can’t help but barge in, but what primer do u use for rms cream eye shadows? I have tried a few but didn’t work only made it worse. The best way I find is to actually use it as a base for my powedered eyeshadows.

  8. Larie says:

    That is so gorgeous, Taylor! I love the reddish tones of it. Amazing.

  9. lenalavoce says:

    how pretty!
    as you said, it is so natural i would think it is the real tan with some highlighter applied on top. 🙂

  10. natalie says:

    This is a beautiful bronzer! It looks so natural and beautiful on you. I really want to try and cream bronzer, and RMS beauty…this might be a great two for one moment.

  11. chic! says:

    That cream bronzer from RMS looks beautiful on you! Now I want it too :D.

    I do have a cream bronzer from ILIA, which is great. Do you know that bronzer? And can you maybe compare the two?

  12. whyyy do you have to show me this lol. ugh i totally want it

  13. Teresa says:

    So beautiful, and it suits you SO well! I have heard so many great things about RMS cosmetics, I’m going to have to try them soon! xo

  14. Tiffany says:

    Holy gorgeousness! You look sunkissed and amazing! I still haven’t tried anything from RMS….not sure where to even start!

  15. asti says:

    Wow, the bronzer is so beautiful! It really gives such a healthy glow to your skin tone (and you’re so gorgeous too!!) I love the idea of bronzers, but I never find them that relevant to me since I’m already so tan.

    Nice swatches! 🙂

    PS: DYING to get my hands on Lust for Life and Perfect Day too! I hear you bought a couple of shades from them?! Can’t wait to hear what you think of them! Ilia formulation and colors are great.

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