The Two Best Highlighters for an All Natural Glow

The right highlighter can provide your complexion with a beautiful veil of radiance and a more defined look. The wrong formula could result in an unflattering glittery or powdery look. I personally prefer cream highlighters for a more natural, dewy finish. My two favorite, the W3LL People Universalist 2 and the RMS Living Luminizer are the best for a subtle and natural looking effect. A bonus is that they both happen to be completely natural and organic.


The W3LL People and RMS highlighters are actually both very similar. The main difference between the two is the creaminess of the formula. The RMS highlighter, which contains coconut oil, creates a wet-looking (dewy) finish, while the W3LL People is drier. Both are exquisite and create the most natural-looking finish that I’ve come across. Please do note that I used a heavy hand to apply the product in the swatches below.


(with flash)
best-highlighter-3(in natural light)

W3LL People Universalist $35 here, RMS Living Luminizer here

What is your favorite highlighter?

19 thoughts on “The Two Best Highlighters for an All Natural Glow

  1. Hey Taylor, I might prefer the W3LL People one just because it’s in stick form! My favorite highlighter remains the Chanel Poudre Signee de Chanel from this spring. It makes such a subtle, positive difference!

  2. My all-time favorite is RMS Living Luminizer, I have two of them because I love it so much haha I also really adore Ilia Beauty’s Polkadots & Moonbeams! I really, really want to try the W3LL People universalist #2 though because I love all of their products and the stick form seems a lot easier to carry around for travel, etc!

  3. These both look dewy and lively! I usually stick to powder highlighters with my oily skin. If I put coconut oil-based anything on this mug, it would be comical after about 2 hours, lol! I love that you shared these, though, b/c “glow” is a word that comes to mind when I think of your lovely signature look, so it’s good to know what’s at the top of the list for you!

  4. RMS’s is definitely a winner! I love Ilia’s in polka dots and moonbeams as well – especially when it’s more humid, it just seems to sit (and stay) better on my skin. I’ve been using Laura Mercier’s spellbound highlighter a lot lately as well – such a pretty rose gold color!

  5. I’m a noob when it comes to doing face make up, kinda feels embarrassed to ask this. i do love the subtleness living luminizer gives and the wet effect is what makes it truly blowy and sets it apart from the others. I obviously havent trid a lot of make up but is it supposed to remain kind of ‘sticky’ or gooey all day? Seems to be much more moisturising than the un cover up from my experience.

  6. Eek! Both of these look gorgeous! I’ve been meaning to try RMS but I keep holding back because I hear that the products aren’t meant to be long-lasting and that scares me :-/

    1. I find the highlighters to last, w3LL last longer. The RMS un-cover up and lip2cheek both last very well. The eye creams and lip shines certainly lack in longevity. No matter how gorgeous they are! I’m especially obsessed with their oil, it’s a godsend! xoxo

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