Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy ‘CC’ Lipstick in 100 Androgino & 507 Lotus (swatches & review)

Giorgio Armani has recently released the first ‘CC’ lipstick with their new Rouge Ecstasy line. This ‘hybrid‘ lipsticks offers ‘color & care’ for your lips with the benefits of a balm, along with saturated color. The new Rouge Ecstasy lipsticks were released in a broad selection of 36 vibrant and luminous shades. Enclosed in an incredibly luxe and weighty red lacquer bullet, it features a magnetic closure, which when closed, creates a satisfying snap. This is packaging at its finest, I must admit.

Balm/lipstick hybrids are by no means a new concept. We’ve seen them from almost every cosmetics line, from the popular Revlon Lip Butters to the Dior Addict Range. So while we actually see ‘CC’ lipsticks in multitudes, Giorgio Armani has actually been the first to use the label in a lipstick. Fancy Labels aside, the new Rouge Ecstasy ‘CC’ Lipsticks from Giorgio Armani features an exquisite formulation that brings us both bold color, along with a moistening benefits. I’m a believer.


The Rouge Ecstasy formula is creamy and incredibly comfortable to wear. One swipe applies rather sheer, but the lipstick easily layers for more intense color. While the texture appears quite flat in the tube, that is certainly not the case once it is applied. Rouge Ecstasy has a luminous finish and has an excellent wear time. There is a faint violet scent, familiar to Giorgio Armani lipsticks. I picked up the two shades, 100 Androgino and 507 Lotus.

GA-100-AndroginoThe shade 100 Androgino is a beige nude. One swipe delivers a sheer veil of color, while it easily builds for complete opaque coverage. At first Androgino appeared quite dead on me, although after some time the color seemed to deepen into the perfect shade of nude.


GA-CC-100-1 copy

(wearing 100 Androgino layered)


 (swatches in natural light)


Lotus 507 is a mid-tone neutral pink, although appears quite cool-toned on me. Lotus is a very easy pink to wear and I can imagine it will suit a lot of skin tones. Again, the formula applies sheer and builds to full coverage. I found Lotus to be slightly less slick than Androgino, nonetheless it remains silky and moisturizing.



(wearing 507 Lotus layered)

The New Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick are must-try, especially for those seeking a silky, softening lipstick. The formula is an easy favorite and the shade range is excellent.

Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy CC Lipstick $34 USD

16 thoughts on “Giorgio Armani Rouge Ecstasy ‘CC’ Lipstick in 100 Androgino & 507 Lotus (swatches & review)

  1. Hey Taylor, I’m glad you like these! Ultimately I prefer Rouge Diors to about every other formula, but these aren’t bad at all! I’m surprised to see how cool Lotus pulls on you!

  2. Gorgeous, Taylor! Both are stunning on you. I don’t really like the red tubes – I like the usual Armani black packaging – but I love the magnetic closure.

  3. Its great that it has good wear time, thats usually hard to get with something moisturizing. Do you have a favorite nude lipstick? I always have such a hard time finding one. I would love to know what you suggest.

  4. If I have a chance to browse an Armani counter outside of Canada, I’ll probably go a little crazy…as it stands the massive price increase here really deters me from trying much above and beyond what I already own – and now that Neiman Marcus no longer ships to Canada, I’m pretty much guaranteed not to bother. A shame really – these and so many other Armani products are fabulous!

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