Dreamy Picks October 2013

Happy Halloween lovelies…

Halloween is a holiday that I personally can’t get into. So, instead I am posting my October Favorites. A combination of new loves, as well as some old reliable products have been making regular appearances in my routine this month. The cold has come to stay, making my skin drier than usual. That, along with a recent bout of eczema has made me reach for skin-soothing balms and oils.


Kahina Argan Oil performs miracles on dry skin. I’m grateful for this oil and use it head-to-toe. (review)

Weleda Skin Food is an oldie but a goodie. This is what I have been using to treat my eczema. It’s mixture of natural botanicals work well to calm and soothe irritated skin. (review)

RMS Buriti Bronzer has been giving me a natural bronzed glow long after summer has gone. This skin healthy makeup has been my go-to, alone, with under eye cover-up while my skin heals. (review)

Ellovi Butter is an incredible all-natural moisturizer. As seen in my recent review.

Chanel Taboo is an exquisite shade for fall. The invisible shimmer is irresistible. (review)

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover – Its a mouthful, but cleansers don’t get any better than this non-drying and exfoliating oil. A cold season must! (review)

ROHTO ICE Eye Drops soothe my itchy, allergy-induced red eyes. I will warn you that it feels as though your pouring peppermint oil into your eyes, which I have grown to enjoy.

What’s on your list of monthly favorites?

14 thoughts on “Dreamy Picks October 2013

  1. Hey Taylor,
    The cold is here to stay idd. You chose some nice moisturising skin care for this period ^^. Oil is so soothing during these months, can’t go wrong with oil :). And Taboo is such a perfect shade for fall, still one of my favourite shades of this year!
    Hope everything goes well on your side 🙂

  2. Argan oil is so great for dry skin. It’s my emergency go to when we get extreme colds in winter. I agree, Taboo is probably also my favorite this year although Dior Minuit is now close 2nd. 🙂

  3. RMS is one of my new favorite brands! I picked up some Luminizer in Beverly Hills last week and I feel like it took ten years off!! 🙂 Love Argan Oil too! Have you tried any other ‘skin food’ for your eczema besides Weleda? xo

  4. I really want to try that Buriti Bronzer but it doesn’t make sense because I don’t wear much bronzers. LOL! I think it’s because of you, Taylor. You make me want everything. Hahaha!

  5. I’m not much into Halloween, either. I want that bronzer still! And thank you for reminding me that I wanted to use Taboo again soon 😀 Perfect for the season!

  6. Ummm so I feel like I should just print this out and retitle it “My Christmas Wishlist” hahaha. You have exquisite taste! I use the Rohto drops too, although I have the less extreme version…I believe they’re called Rohto Lycee drops and come in a pink cuboid dropper (only available in Japan though, sadly).

  7. I just purchased the Ellovi butter so I’m pretty excited to try it out! I have been using a sample of the OLO cleanser and I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a bottle when I use up all of my current cleansers – although I’m not sold on the scent, it’s quite strong. But its definitely effective!!

  8. The RMS bronzer is still on my wishlist. I don’t have allergies but I’ve had the worst cold on and off for nearly two weeks, and yesterday my friend was recommending eye drops. I struggle to get saline eye drops into my eye without blinking though, so I’m not sure there’s much hope for peppermint oil

  9. Ok, I LOLed at this: “I will warn you that it feels as though your pouring peppermint oil into your eyes, which I have grown to enjoy.” I tried these once without reading them FIRST and felt quite shocked and awed by the minty zap to my peepers! I never had the cajones to use them again! I’m sorry you’re having eczema issues, Taylor! I hope the Skin Food keeps it at bay.

  10. I’ve been meaning to try the One Love Cleansing Oil ever since you left me a comment about it on one of my posts! An exfoliating cleanser sounds amazing.

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