YSL Gloss Voluptè (swatches & review)

The new Gloss Volupte from YSL provide sheer, soft, kissable color. They come available in 23 shades and 3 different formulas, iresescent, golden and pure.

YSL-gloss-volupte-1Much like you would expect from the YSL Voluptè name, the new gloss formula has a buttery-soft, balmy texture. If sticky, heavy glosses are not your thing, these new glosses might be the one’s for you. As with the YSL Rouge Voluptè lipsticks, the glosses contain that classic melon scent, although significantly more fragrant. To me the scent borders on being slightly overwhelming to my sensitive nose.


 101 Iridescent & 19 Rose Orfevre (golden)


The glosses contain an angled doe-foot applicator and form the shape of lips. The angled applicator allows for a personalized application.


#101 is a clear iridescent shade with very fine shimmer

#19 is a sheer rosy-pink with golden shimmer

Both shades applied very sheer, leaving a soft whisper of color. Lips feel softer and appear fuller when applied. I purchased both glosses sight unseen. I am very curious to see how the deeper shades might perform and if they would provide more opaque coverage, as I had initially expected. As a huge fan of the original Rouge Voluptè and Rouge Voluptè Shine lipsticks, I found myself slightly underwhelmed when it comes to the new glosses. While the glosses look beautiful on the lips, I feel that the YSL quality is lacking and the scent is hard bear.

YSL Gloss Voluptè $32 yslbeautyus.com

10 thoughts on “YSL Gloss Voluptè (swatches & review)

  1. Hey Taylor, I’m not a fan with lip products with stronger scents. These look really good in the tube, but if I were to get a lip gloss, I like mine to be a little more pigmented 🙂

  2. It sounds like we had similar thoughts on these. I picked up 2 of the brighter/darker colors and they are definitely more pigmented but the scent really turns me off. I’m actually not thrilled with the applicator either so overall a little disappointed!

  3. Ergh, I can’t handle highly scented products! Not only because of my sensitive skin, but then if all I can smell is them, it’s a huge turn-off. Sorry these didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped Taylor!

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