Quarterly Co. & No More Dirty Looks – Up the Ante with #NDL09

The ladies of the popular ‘clean beauty’ blog No More Dirty Looks have just shipped out their 9th subscription box, available from Quarterly Co. If your thinking this quarters box is an extra amount of awesome, you would be right! In and effort to bring more range and allow for more creativity, the service has doubled in price from $25 to $50. As a past subscriber I was presented with a coupon for half price off this quarters box. I’m glad, because at $50 I was somewhat hesitant to continue. Well #NDL09 certainly did not disappoint. I’m afraid at this point I’ll have to continue the subscription.

“Our hair-care arsenal is three-deep on a high-maintenance day, and some of our favorites are here in this box.”


#NDL10 Contents:

Amazon Beauty Rahua Jet Setter Starter Kit $32 – Contains 4 travel-sized bottles of Rahua’s Shampoos and Conditioners in their standard and Voluminous Range.

Lulu Organics Hair Powder in Lavender and Clary Sage $10 – A trial size bottle of Lulu’s popular dry shampoo.

Olivia Garden Healthy Hair Bamboo Hairbrush $15 – A sustainably harvested bamboo paddle brush from Oliva Garden that is oh so very gentle to hair.

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Have you tried the Quarterly service from NMDL?

5 thoughts on “Quarterly Co. & No More Dirty Looks – Up the Ante with #NDL09

  1. I have to admit the price puts me off a little, but the content does seem pretty amazing! So curious about how the dry shampoo works. I don’t think I’ve used one that’s not in an aerosol.

  2. I have to agree with Sunny, that the price does seem to be a little high, but you do seem to get quite a lot for the money. I’ve recently tried some of Rahua’s line, and am in love!

  3. Very nice! Rahua is getting great feedbacks lately and I like the look of the hair brush. Good brushing habit could add so much to healthy hair, imho. 😉

  4. I had thought about subscribing before, but totalling up the price here it looks like you’d only be saving $7 – I’m not sure if that’s enough to make it worth my while! I always dislike getting things that I don’t love/won’t use either (for instance, I’d never use that brush!), so some of it may go to waste – another put off. That being said, I do think that if I were to subscribe to any box it would be theirs – LOVE that blog! 🙂

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