Dior Perlé 187 Matte Top Coat for Spring 2014

The ‘Trianon Collection’ for Spring 2014 from Dior features the ‘limited edition’ shimmering matte top coat called Perlé. With a weakness for Dior’s sparkly shades, I was immediately drawn to this unique topper. Perlé has a frost matte finish which adds a pale pink, pearlescent finish to any polish. When worn on its own, its creates a no-fuss clean look that dries in an instant


The Perlè Matte Top Coat contains pink and lavender shimmer and dries to a frosty finish. Though technically a top coat, I enjoy wearing Perle alone for a quick and easy mani. When applied to clean nails the top coat dries instantly. The finish is feminine, clean, yet quite unique.

dior-perle-top-coat-2(no flash)


(with flash)


(one coat of Perlé Matte Top Coat on top of Essie Topless and Barefoot)

As a top coat, Perlé dosnt complement every shade. I find it best suits nudes and lighter pinks, as it has a strong white, frosty finish. Personally I adore the Top Coat on top of nudes like Essie’s Topless and Barefoot. Perlé is not quick drying and takes some down time.

Dior Perlé Matte Top Coat $25 

sephora.com, nordstrom.com

12 thoughts on “Dior Perlé 187 Matte Top Coat for Spring 2014

  1. Hey Taylor, I keep eyeing this one as well! It looks fab on top of Porcelaine which I have! Is it possible to layer a quick-drying top coat on top just to speed up the process, or do you think it’ll be too thick?

  2. Somehow this just seems so perfect for you, Taylor! Over Topless and Barefoot and similar shades sounds like it would be gorgeous. I also love semi-sheer polishes that are quick and easy to apply, when I just don’t have the time or patience for an opaque color

  3. Such a pretty one! I did not expect the matte finish when I first saw it but it makes it so much more unique. I love how you layered it over the lighter shades, it’s perfect for that! ^^

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