LORAC SummerGlo Eye Shadow Palette (review & swatches)

Lorac has created yet another ‘must-have’ with their SummerGlo Eye Shadow Palette. This palette contains a selection of 10 shimmering and matte shades to create a multitude of looks for both day and night. The SummerGlo Palette will surely become your staple this summer.


While the SummerGlo Palette’s brights are certainly a stand-out, the neutral shades deserve a mention all their own. The combination of creams, browns and golds in a stunning luminous texture, makes this palette a must for the neutral shades alone. The addition of four beautiful brights makes this palette utterly swoon-worthy. As a girl who most often opts for a natural look, this palette had me playing with color like nobody’s business.


  1. white (matte)
  2. light brown (matte)
  3. coral (matte)
  4. iridescent light purple
  5. aqua blue (shimmer)
  6. light gold (shimmer)
  7. light bronze (shimmer)
  8. light teal (shimmer)
  9. medium nutmeg brown (matte)
  10. light peachy-nude (matte)


Lorac refers to some of these shades as ‘matte’, although I have trouble labeling them as so due to their luminous finish. The finish creates a glow and does not lay flat in any sense. I find myself opting for these on a daily basis. The shimmery shades all contain fine shimmer, except for #7 which has some larger flecks of glitter. The shadow’s in the SummerGlo palette are more dense and have a lighter texture than those in the PRO Palette. All shadow’s performed beautifully except for #6 which had some fall-out. With the SummerGlo Palette the looks are endless and I am smitten. All in all, the new palette is an absolute must!

 LORAC SummerGlo Eye Shadow Palette $24

loraccosmetics.comkohls.com, nordstrom.com

Look to follow…

*Disclosure – This posts contains PR samples sent to My Lucite Dreams for consideration. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and based on my personal experience. All links in post are there strictly available for your convenience.
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12 Responses to LORAC SummerGlo Eye Shadow Palette (review & swatches)

  1. Sunny says:

    This looks like a fun palette that’s perfect for summer! Can’t wait to see your looks!

  2. Shade #4 is calling me 😉

  3. Oh wow! This looks so pretty! Dang it, I wish Lorac was still here!

  4. This looks like such a gorgeous palette! I wish we could get Lorac in Australia.

  5. ugh this palette looks amazing for summer, I’ll be sure to put it on my wishlist!

  6. Tiffany says:

    I normally wouldn’t even give a palette like this a second thought, simply because I rarely ever wear color on my eyes anymore (let alone blue!), but the purple and teals in this palette are GORGEOUS! The neutrals obviously appeal to me too 🙂

  7. claire says:

    Wow this palette looks amazing, exactly what I would think a summer worthy palette should look like 🙂
    xxx Claire

  8. Blackmentosbeautybox says:

    Absolutely a stunning palette! I quite like how a lot of the shades are not too saturated but would be great blended together! Love the blues!

  9. Love love love the coppery bronze! The peach is lovely too and they’d work well together

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