The Acne Solution

Acne can certainly be a pain to treat. I’ve suffered only minor break-outs throughout my adolescence, only to later have a bad bout of it in my mid-twenties. I was left frustrated as I trialed through a countless assortment of over the counter and prescription strength creams, to no avail. It wasn’t until I switched up my skin care routine to include all natural treatments and remedies, with the inclusion of a skin cleansing machine, that I cleared my skin up. Through my love for skin care and fondness for sampling new products, I feel I’ve perfected my clear-skin routine. I know this method works because if I slip up on my routine, my skin reacts instantly, but that’s ok because I got it covered. I’m hoping that though my experience I can help you to find your acne solution. the-acne-solution

The Cleanser

Shea Terra Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Api-Therapy Facial Wash – I discovered this product through a subscription sampling service. After a few days of use, I was blown away by how clear it made my skin. If I’m ever without it, my skin reacts almost instantly. I use this gentle cleanser in the mornings and in the evenings with a Clarisonic, after I’ve removed my makeup. (see my review) (buy)

The Toner

 S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Toner – This toner alone has tuned me into a ACV devotee. I attribute this 5-ingredient all-natural toner for keeping my skin calm and my PH in check.  (see my review) (buy)

The All Purpose Treatment

Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey Active 16+ – If you haven’t already, its time to get on the Manuka Honey bandwagon. Wedderspoon’s Manuka Honey works wonders as a spot treatment for blemishes. Any break-out will literally be gone overnight without a trace. You won’t be left with any unsightly redness or dryness, as with your typical spot treatments. Manuka Honey works beautifully as a face mask, not only to keep break-outs away, but also to intensely hydrate and nourish the skin. I also use it for a quick cleanse in the mornings alone, or mixed in with an exfoliating powder. Since witnessing the miracle this ingredient has done to my skin, I’ve actually starting consuming it regularly. (buy)

11 thoughts on “The Acne Solution

    1. It is a bit small, but is has helped even out my PH and cure my Subhorric Dermatitis. For me it is absolutely worth the splurge. If your in a crunch, perhaps try a mixture of APV and witch hazel. I also love Rosemary.

  1. Did you also have clogged pores that this routine helped with? Also, are these all the products that you used or did you have any others that you added in? Thank you!

    1. I do have clogged pores personally. These products hasn’t helped me with that. I rely on regular facials with extractions and frequent exfoliation to keep them clear. I love the One Love Organics Brand New Day, it’s gentle enough for every day use. I also mix it with Manuka Honey as a mask.

    1. Me too! I am simply blown away by the effectiveness of it, in so many respects. After trial and error and count ell chemicals, natural has always seemed the better way to go. Yay Nature!

      1. What do you use for your moisturizer? I, too, love the timer and use it after I wash my face and before I moisturize. However, it has been hard to find a good, natural moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. Any ideas?

      2. I don’t have trouble with moisturizers and break-outs. I do love Queen of the Hive Face Contour Cream, which has Manuka Honey in it. I find it a miracle for any skin woe. I also really reccomend the cleanser I listed as prevention. Once I stop using it I instantly suffer breakouts.

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