Gressa Skin Lip Boost in Aux Rouge

Gressa Skin’s Lip Boosts are an all-natural lip product that drench your lips in nourishing botanicals. These lipstick/balm hybrids are a versatile product that can go from a wearable matte stain, to a to a vibrant glossy red lip, depending on your application. Always moisturizing and never drying, the Lip Boosts claim their place amid my favorite lip products. Since first discovering the shade Bare, my collection has only grown, as Gressa Skin continues to add more shades to the line.


Gressa Lip Boost in Aux Rouge is a classic and ultra-flattering red shade. For a red-stained lip, I just tap some Aux Rouge onto my lips, using my fingertip. For a vibrant red glossy lip, I recommend using the Gressa Lip Brush for a heavier and more defined look. Aux Rouge has a long wear time, with a soft, moisturizing feel.


 Gressa Lip Boost in Aux Rouge


 Wearing Aux Rouge applied with a lip brush for a vibrant, glossy finish.

Gressa Lip Boosts are a must-try for all you ingredient nerds, or for those who suffer from chronically dry lips.

Gressa Lip Boost in Aux Rouge $26 at 


7 thoughts on “Gressa Skin Lip Boost in Aux Rouge

  1. This is lovely!! You also have a lovely cat eye going on! I’m on the hunt for a new eyeliner… do you have any recommendations?!?!

  2. Thank u for this post as it introduced me to this lovely brand! I have happily ordered this red and a couple other products. I too am trying to move to a more clean idea of makeup and cosmetics and hopefully skincare Your site has been invaluable in teaching me about some fabulous cosmetic companies devoted to providing high quality clean products It’s easy to find things labeled as such but finding the real deal that also performs superior has been difficult for me until I began reading your blog and trying some of the brands noted here. Much appreciation for all the work put into this blog. The pictire of you with the red lip here is just stunning and would make even a non red lip person become a convert! Best regards

    1. Thank you so much for your incredibly kind words. Your message has served me with a great inspiration and joy. I appreciate you taking the time to share in this comment. There has been such incredible developments in ‘clean beauty’. I have discovered so many incredible products that supersedes their chemically laden counterparts.
      Au Rouge is a beauty, I hope you love it as much as I do. I have some posts in the works for Gressa’s Foundation, Illumator and Bronzer, and might I say, they have blown my mind! Best.

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