5 things this week…


Kahina Prickly Pear Seed OilAs I’ve mentioned in my review of Kahina’s PPSO, I have experienced “mind-blowing” results in my under-eye area. So much so, that I have been able to switch to a concealer with lighter coverage. With further use, I now notice that my overall complexion seems more even-toned and brighter. I’ve recently replenished my bottle, as this miracle oil continues to amaze me. (get it here)

My current makeup routine – As of recent, my everyday makeup routine has consisted of all creams and liquid formulas that infuse both skin care and color. These formulas work best to mimic skin’s natural texture, and the products pictured here work beautifully to create a “no-makeup makeup” look, that I so keenly admire. Gressa’s Minimalist Line has amazed me since day one, and their products have provided the basis of my makeup routine for some time now (review forthcoming). I loved La Bella Figura’s cream blush in Disco Queen Gloria when I purchased it over the winter. My love for this luminous rose-gold blush has only strengthened as the warmer weather has arrived. It provides the most believable glowing finish, as it adds the perfect amount of warmth. Also pictures is RMS Un-Cover Up in #22, RMS Lip2Cheek in Smile, RMS Eye Polish in Magnetic, Laura Mercier Flawless Contouring Palette, W3LL People Bio Brightener, and Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in Playa del Pink.

New from Greenaby online boutique – Some new green skin and hair goodies from the Canadian online boutique Greenaby.ca that I will be reviewing. Greenaby carries some hard to find natural and organic beauty products from brands such as Graydon Clinical Luxury, Belmondo, Helena Lane, and Anointment Natural Skincare. So far, I have been absolutely loving the The Green Cream from Graydon, which is intensely hydrating.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust – I am over the moon for Moon Juice’s line of dusts, tonics, and pantry staples. While their foods and juices are only available to LA locals, I’m hoping this line expands to more locations. For now I must suffice to make do of with the limited products available. Their Beauty Dust contains goji, rehmannia, schisandra, pearl, and Stevia and is said to expand beauty “through calming the nerves, increasing collagen and silica production, toning and firming tissue, and both hydrating and fortifying skin, hair, nails and cell membranes from the inside out. ” Since incorporating the Beauty Dust into my daily smoothies, I have noticed that both my nails and hair have been growing more noticeably quickly. However, I can not with certainty attribute the difference to the BD since the seasonal change. 


My Sunday Pamper Session – My spa day game is strong with powerful products that replenish, renew, and promote a healthy glow. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver is a weekly must, as it works time and again to deeply cleanse like no other. I notice visible results after each use. If I skip it, I know it. A new addition to my masking routine, is the ‘cult-favorite’ Mermaid Mask from Leahlani Skincare. This mask makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and soft, and leaves me glowing. Also featured is the Kumari Luxury Hair Oil as I reviewed here, Dry Brush from Hydrea London, and Tarte’s Brazilliance Self-Tanner.

4 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. Great post! That prickly pear oil is definitely on my wishlist! I love the gressa foundation but I can’t find a perfect match. I tried 4, too dark. Returned it and got 3, too light and too yellow. Think I’ll have to pick up a bottle of 4 and do a little mixing. Such an awesome formula that I’m not ready to give up lol. I must try that beauty dust! I’ve been putting the brain dust in my morning smoothies and so far so good. Also very curious about the tarte self tanner. I’d definitely like to hear more. Lord knows my legs do too! Lol. Oh and one last thing – have you tried mixing the mermaid mask and the problem solver TOGETHER? I think it’s great! May herself suggests mixing the honey mud with the problem solver, which I sometimes do and where I got the idea. I don’t remember the ingredients in the MM but I think there’s honey in there? Either way, give it a try! It keeps the problem solver from drying and makes for a nice overall experience.

  2. Love your picks, Taylor, especially the no makeup makeup look essentials. I’ve been using the Un cover up very regularly and I think I’ll have to get a back up soon. Might have to try their Lip2Cheek one day!

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