Meet the Lipsticks that Took the Green Beauty World by Storm – Nūdus 27 Kisses

Nūdus lipsticks have been making their mark in the in the green beauty world and beyond, to no surprise. The first time I got my hands on Nūdus, in the shade Naked, it was love at first swipe. These certified organic lipsticks provide rich pigment, exceptional long-wear and comfortable, hydrating color, while they drench your pout in an exquisite combination of skin-healthy ingredients. With a selection of ten exquisite shades (with word of more on the way) Nūdus has a lipstick for you.


Do you live with the notion that “natural” or “organic” alternatives do not live up to their chemically ridden counterpart? I did at one time, but its brands like Nūdus that put that mind-set to rest. These “euphoric” formulations stand up against your favorite “high-end” department store lipstick and it does so with great extent. It’s products like these that create a new form of thought as to why chemicals and fillers are used in the first place.


Nūdus 27 Kisses is a universally flattering rose shade, and the brands top-seller. One swipe builds full coverage, as they’re superfluously creamy and wear for hours. If you’re looking to delve into the exquisite world of Nūdus Lip Euphoria, this is the perfect shade to start.

Nūdus 27 Kisses $32

available at and

12 thoughts on “Meet the Lipsticks that Took the Green Beauty World by Storm – Nūdus 27 Kisses

  1. stunnnnnning! I’ve been surprised at how many organic products that are contenders to my other products and I’m dying to try this out to see how it compares to my other lipsticks 😉

  2. Being Australian I’m surprised that I’ve only recently heard of these lipsticks but now that I’m delving more into green and cruelty-free cosmetics these are high on my list to try soon! Naked looks amazing on you!

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