A “Green Beauty” Giveaway with Vickerey Plus a Special Promo

I’ve teamed up with the eco-chic online retailer Vickerey, to bring you one sweet beauty giveaway. Vickerey caters to the eco-friendly lifestyle, with a curation of stylish selections for your home, wardrobe, beauty cabinet and yoga and fitness needs. It’s a one stop shop for the earthy-luxe, featuring all cruelly-free items that are mostly made in the USA. Vickerey carries a finely selected list of bath and beauty products, with brands including including Herbivore Botanicals, One Love Organics, 100%Pure, MUN, Prtty Peaushun, Farmaesthetics, and much more!

Vickerey has kindly offered up three of their “top-selling” beauty products for one very lucky MLD reader to win. This giveaway features products from the wonderful “green beauty” brands, Herbivore Botanicals, Lotus Love Beauty, and Farmaesthetics and is valued at $120. In addition, all reader’s can get 15% off all orders over $50 on the Vickerey website with code “dream15”.


Herbivore Botanicals Lapis Face Oil ($72) 

“The Lapis Facial Oil by Herbivore Botanicals is named after a favorite stone of ancient Egypt, known for its magnificent deep blue color. A key ingredient is Azulene, which acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial that aids in reducing redness and clarifying the complexion. Perfect for oily and blemish-prone skin or any skin type that needs relief from inflammation.”

Lotus Love Beauty Satya Body Lotion ($21)

“Lotus Love Beauty’s Body Lotion is a vitamin-rich blend of certified organic herbal infusions and pure oils to protect and moisturize while leaving skin smelling fresh and soft to the touch. Their unique, exotic, botanical ingredients and transcendental fragrances are steeped in ayurvedic, yogic, and aromatherapeutic philosophies. Beautifully packaged, superbly hand-crafted, and made with a lively altruistic spirit, sets this San Diego based brand a notch above the others. “

Farmaesthetics Cool Allow Mist ($21)

“Farmaesthetics Cool Aloe Mist is a multi-purpose product that helps heal inflamed skin. A perfect remedy for burns, over-exposure to the sun, or radiation, this cool mist offers instant relief (and on a hot day, a spritz feels wonderful). Voted “Best Post-Workout Skin Freshener” by Fitness Magazine, it cools and comforts all over.”

Use code ‘dream15’ to get 15% off your order over $50


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