5 things this week…


#targetstyle W3LL PEOPLE is the latest brand to join Target’s line-up of green beauty offerings, along with Zoe Organics, S.W. Basics, and Vapour Beauty. 

High-performance naturals – Some new releases from Gressa Skin have just arrived at MLD headquarters, including the new Lumière Luminous Complexion Fluids and the latest Lip Boost in shade Jolie. All I can say is that I am simply blown away by the textures, performance, and colors, as per usual with Gressa’s line of organic cosmetics. If your thinking green beauty doesn’t stand-up against mainstream department store brands, Gressa Skin will surely dispel that way of thought. Reviews forthcoming.

Lipgloss Love – Au Naturale’s lip glosses are smooth, hydrating, and available in great variety of beautiful shades. They have recently received KIWI’s award for best natural lip gloss for 2015, and I highly recommend that you check them out. Pictured in the image above is the shade Magnolia, a light pink with a frosty finish.

New Beauty – Ilia Beauty has just dropped some new products to covet, including a new foundation, eye liner, and eye shadow stick. The new Vivid Foundation is said to have a “soft whipped formula”, with “buildable light to full coverage.” 


Sunday Pamper Sesh Thoughfully Magazine has reawakened my love for printed publications. Check out the very beautiful Lilly of genuineglow.com modeling some green beauty products. I’ll be sporting the Pele Mask from Mahalo Skincare for tonight’s pamper session for a deep cleanse, as I delve into this quarterly for the third time. In taking note from beautybybritanie.com, I’ll be following up with CV Skinlabs Skin Balm to soothe my (as of recent) rather sensitive skin, which I mix with Kahina’s Argan Oil for easier spreadability.

4 thoughts on “5 things this week…

  1. I came to read your thoughts about the Gressa Lumiere blushes (same feeling here, they are incredible!) and saw your mention. Thank you for your kind words! Also, you make any nude lip product look fantastic ♥

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