Beauty by Britanie Bohemian Collection with Modern Minerals and Lotus Wei

When a Natural Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger, a Flower Alchemist, and a natural Mineral Makeup brand unite, you get a truly one-of-a-kind makeup collection. Created with love as the intent, the Beauty by Britanie Bohemian Collection is far more than just makeup, as these crystal-infused formulas contain a blend of flower essences to uplift your mood and evoke positive feelings.


Katie Hess, the radiant being behind Lotus Wei, created this special “emotive formula” for Modern Mineralsto enhance our love of life, inner strength, compassion and our ability to live in the present moment. The soulful beauty, Britanie Faith of, is the mere embodiment of the ideals represented in her collaborative collection, which features both a lip gloss and a blush, each infused with pink camellia flowers and pink tourmaline, and are blended with a floral blend of essential oils, including lavender, chamomile, rose and neroli.


B of Love Lip Gloss

“The inspiration behind “B of Love” Lip Gloss is from my appreciation for the poem by E.E. Cummings, “Be of Love”. When you apply this flower essence and crystal infusion signature blend, use it as a time to reaffirm your commitment to speak only of love from your lips and always aspire to “B of Love” a little more than of anything.” 

Modern Minerals’ newly released collection of lip glosses features three shades in collaboration with Lotus Wei, Love of Attraction, Coral Glow and B of Love (from the Beauty by Britanie Bohemian Collection). This smooth (non-sticky) gloss formula features a blend of high-performance oils, waxes, fruit extracts and marine collagen, to create one exceptionally nourishing formula. It’s one of the most hydrating lip glosses that I’ve come across, as it works to keep lips moist and soft long after application. B of Love is a beautiful bright pink, that layers well for a more intense look. The blend of essential oils featured in this gloss lend it a lovely rose fragrance.

“Sweet Thing” Signature Blush 

“Britanie’s signature shade inspired by the Pink Camellia flower. This gorgeous pink has been specially formulated with a Modern Minerals Signature flower infusion created by Lotus Wei. The special name, “Sweet Thing” is Britanie’s grandmother’s term of endearment for Britanie. She’s called her this since childhood and each time Britanie hears, “Sweet Thing”, it makes her smile to think about the love behind it. Nonnie is a breast cancer survivor of 36 years and a portion of the proceeds for the Beauty By Britanie Bohemian Collection will be donated to the American Cancer Society in grateful appreciation for the continued research, treatment and early detection for women in America.”

Sweet Thing Signature Blush is a universally flattering bright pink shade with a matte finish. A little goes a long way, as this exceptional formula brilliantly mimics skin’s texture, while lending your complexion a certain radiance that is free of shimmer. It’s what mineral blush dreams are made of, with its undetectable and luminous finish.


(wearing a light layer of Love of B Lip Gloss and “Sweet Thing” blush)

Get the Beauty by Britanie Bohemian Collection at

(gloss $24, blush $22)

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