The Exotic and Intoxicating FEZ Perfume Oil from Kahina Giving Beauty

My favorite Fall fragrances feature warm spicy notes that complement this rather sensory season. Just as a chill settles in the air, Kahina Giving Beauty unleashes their long-awaited FEZ Perfume Oil*, the fragrance equivalent of a hot cup of tea. This ethereal blend first made its debut when infused into Kahina’s beloved Body Serum, and then soon made a second appearance in their Hand and Body Balm. True story, I used to carry around a small vial of the body oil in my purse to refresh its fragrance throughout the day. A perfume release was expected and I am so pleased that it has finally made its debut.


The Imperial city of Fez, Morocco serves as the inspiration for this fragrance, as it also gains its name. In this fragrance floral top notes of rose and orange blossoms are layered over a sensual and warming blend of patchouli, vetiver, and ylang-ylang, as cumin and clove lend a spicy addition and serves as a nod towards the city’s famous Spice Market. Created from 100% steam distilled essential oils, this exotic blend is housed in Kahina’s standard violet glass packaging and features a stainless steel ball applicator. The FEZ Perfume Oil is the perfect cold weather accessory, as it’s intoxicating blend grounds the spirit and soothes the mind. This feel-good blend is so much more than a fragrance, it’s a sensory experience.

FEZ Perfume Oil $78,,

*sample generously provided for editorial consideration

4 thoughts on “The Exotic and Intoxicating FEZ Perfume Oil from Kahina Giving Beauty

  1. I love the serum so I promptly bought the perfume oil! I love it ! I can smell the florals a bit more in this and a hint of citrus that i don’t pick up in the serum. And you get a good amount for your $$. It’s great to layer them both together!

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