Top 5-Free Nail Polish Formulas

When it comes to nail polish, I need a formula that is going to last. I’m the type of person that would rather do no polish than have to deal with unsightly chips. It causes me unrest… I just can’t. Add in ease of application and a glossy finish and my nail polish needs are met. Surely that’s not much to ask, right? Surprisingly, switching over from more mainstream nail polishes to less-toxic options was truly no sacrifice for functionality whatsoever. I have actually discovered some of the best formulas I’ve ever come across.


5-free nail polishes are formulated without the use of the five toxic chemicals often found in nail polish, including, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin and camphor. Here is a round-up of my top four 5-free polishes that stood out and stood up.

  • Kester Black, as introduced to me by the lovely Megan of the online boutique, features a high-performance formula that is hard to match. It may be the best nail polish I’ve ever come across. Mind you, I am tough on my nails and this formula lasted long enough to notice new nail growth without any chips, about seven days. Not to mention it features a wide brush that makes application a breeze, while it leaves nails with a superior glossy finish. The shade Buttercream is the perfect pinky-nude. (available at
  • Treat Collection nail polishes has been gaining great attention as of recent and for good reason. These polishes come in a wide range of shades, from the classics to the trendiest. The formula applies beautifully with a wide brush feature. While I did have some minor chipping on day three, this polish is still surely worth a mention. (available at and
  • RMS Beauty Nail Polishes are brand new to the 5-free scene and they’re wonderful. The formula applies easily and lasts well up to five days without any substantial chipping. I noticed new nail growth with this one as well. My only qualm is the shade selection, which doesn’t quite entice me. Diabolique is a beauty though, and I am crossing my fingers for a debut of shades to match their cult product, the “Un-cover Up”, I love a good nude. (available at and
  • NCLA is a newer brand discovery for me. The stand-out for this formula is it’s incredibly quick drying time. By the time you finish up your second coat your ready to go, top coat completely optional. It also features one of those wide brushes I so fondly keep mentioning, and it applies flawlessly. Their Nudes line is just lovely. (available at

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