5 things this week…


The Bomb! – Mahalo Skin Care’s Rare Indigo Beauty Balm* has made its much-anticipated debut! This brilliant balm is artfully created with 21 high-performance ingredients that work on the skin to hydrate and heal, calm inflammation, restore elasticity, fade wrinkles and lower oxidation damage in stressed tissue. This intoxicating lavender hued skin treat is a one of a kind, all-in-one skin hero. I have so quickly fallen in love with this balm. (full review forthcoming)

Subscription Addiction – The subscription that I never cancel,  Petit Vour, curates a fine selection of cruelty-free, green beauty goodies and delivers is to your door for $15 a month. The subscription price is well worth the value of the products inside. This month featured the One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder (my personal favorite), Pelle Beauty Luxe Beauty Balm, Organic Bath Co Stress Less Organic Body Oil and an insanely gorgeous Lipgloss from the Modern Minerals and Lotus Wei collaboration (see my review of the shade B of Love). I received the shade Violet Rose which is a beautiful pink-rose shimmer. The formula is already a fave and it is as well one of the most hydrating formulas.

By the Twos – S.W. Basics Toner and Shea Terra Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash are skin staples that I am sure to never run out of. These two products have delivered incredible results for my complexion and I so highly recommend them. The S.W. Basic Toner has completely cured me of seborrheic dermatitis (review). It’s a nasty skin condition that I developed over a year ago and I have not had a bout of it since incorporating the Toner into my skin care routine. Shea Terra’s Face wash is my daily cleanser for acne prevention (review).

Worth its Weight in Gold – The gold standard in Manuka Honey, Wedderspoon, recently released a limited-edition Manuka Honey KFactor 22! I swear by this golden elixir for a variety of uses, both internally and topically. It’s a skin care staple for use as a cleanser and mask to treat a multitude of skin conditions, including treatment for dry, aggravated skin and acne. This LE honey contains the brands highest pollen count (90%) with the highest antioxidant and immune boosting properties from Wedderspoon’s entire line. It is limited edition, so do be sure to pick it up before its gone. There is a current promo to save 25% off at wedderspoon.com. When your there, be sure to pick up their Queen of the Hive Face Cream with Manuka Honey and Bee Venom, another personal favorite (see my review).


Statement Lip – Gressa Skin has debuted a new Lip Boost in the most exquisite plum shade called Dahlia, that is as unique as it is wearable and completely on trend this season. I know, I know.. I non-stop rave about this brand, but each new release ignites the  beauty-obsessed part of me. Gressa’s formulas and shades just work for me and each new release claims a place in my current staples. Dahlia is no exception, as it takes the reins as my current statement lip.


(wearing Gressa Skin Lip Boost in Dahlia)

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