My Lucite Dreams ‘Luxe’ Gift Guide

Give the gift of pure luxury this season.


1. The Detox Market Best of Green Beauty 2015 Box features an incredible line-up of the boutique’s best-selling and most loved products of 2015. It contains six full-sized products for $149 and is valued at over $250! This divinely curated selection of green beauty products is perfect for any beauty buff in your life and is ‘Limited Edition’, so don’t miss out!

The Winners:
1. Odacite Beautiful Day Moisturizer 
2. W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara
3. RMS Beauty Living Luminizer
4. Hurraw Lip Balm
5. Kypris Beauty Elixir II
6. One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo

2. The Kahina FEZ Hand and Body Balm is pure luxury, from it’s packaging, to what it holds inside. Featuring the beloved FEZ fragrance, this yellow-tinged salve effectively conditions your driest skin, with a glorious texture that sinks right in. You can read my full review here.

3. The FEZ Perfume Oil from Kahina perfectly complements the cool winter months with an earthy and warming blend of rose, orange blossoms, patchouli, vetiver, ylang-ylang and exotic spices. It is a unique fragrance that is truly powerful in its ability to calm and soothe the spirit. See my review here.

4. The Mahalo Skin Care’s Rare Indigo is an artfully created multitasking beauty balm that is far more than just skin care, but an experience. Featuring a fine combination of natural oils, herbs and essential oils, along with the rare extract of the indigo plant as its star ingredient, this one-of-a-kind balm is a total multi-tasker. The fragrance is out of this world, as it calms the senses while its calms the skin with a combination of anti-inflammatory hero ingredients. It is sure to bring pure delight to any woman (or man) in your life.

5. The Kjaer Weis Essential Trio 3 is certainly a super-luxe makeup gift set with a hefty price tag, but let me explain. These formulations are exquisite and enhance the skin’s natural beauty with healthy ingredients, plus they’re refillable packaging is an accessory in

6. Satori by Lina Hanson is an exquisite and uplifting fragrance that is perfect year-round. I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t immediately fallen for this sensual perfume oil. Inspired by the Far East, Satori features warm and sweet notes of vanilla and sandalwood, topped with fresh and spicy notes of yuzu and ginger. Lina Hanson’s Body Serum is a perfect complement to this fragrance.

7. Kumari’s Luxury Hair Oil Treatment is an intensely nourishing treatment for the hair and scalp, and a personal favorite. Used as a pre-shampoo treatment or overnight, this luxe hair oil has an incredible ability to effectively hydrate, without leaving a greasy residue on your hair or your pillow and it smells incredible. Kumari has some incredible gifts sets to check out, their line is purely effective and luxe.

8. Metta Skincare’s Body Butter is not your run-of-the-mill shea butter infusion, but a high-charged full-body hydrater that melts on skin’s contact. It’s a definite favorite and a hero product to combat winter-ravaged skin. It comes in two fragrance options, Lavender and vanilla (which smells like cookies).

9. May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver is exactly that, a highly effective powdered mask for troubled skin. It’s cult for a reason, as it powerfully detoxes the skin, tightens pores, promotes circulations, heals and fights blemishes, and calms inflammation. Skin chef, May Lindstrom handcrafts beautiful skin care with the highest standard, and using her creations is a divine experience.

10. The Masque Treatment Bowl and Treatment Brush from May Lindstrom are just such beautifllu works of art and an extra special addition to your powdered mask mixing ritual.

11. The Pure Calm and Pure Energy Duo is a special Holiday offering from Uma Oils. Perfect for the wellness warior in your life, Uma sets the standards in aromatherapy with their sustainable farm-to-bottle creations that are as lovely as they are effective.

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