5 things this week…


Statement – Treat Collection nail polishes have a fabulous formula and finish. The shade Statement is a beautiful deep plum and my current go-to this season. This shade is far deeper in color than it appears in online images and shade descriptions, where it is referred to as a ‘merlot-red’.

#thegreenbeautyexpert – Still up for grabs is the ‘Limited Edition’ Best of Green Beauty Box from thedetoxmarket.com. This incredible selection of the stores best-sellers and expert picks is available for purchase at an incredible value! Get it before it’s gone.

On the Desk – Kahina’s New Moroccan Bedli Soap is here! This exquisite creation is both a cleanser and deep hydrator that contains only two ingredients, saponified olive oil and eucalyptus leaf oil. Use it to replace your shower gel, or as a hydrating treatment to prep skin for deep exfoliation with a kessa mitt.

Setting the Mood – The Cascadia candle from Woodlot is the perfect fragrance for this holiday season, featuring notes of douglas fir, cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli. See my review here and use code: WoodlotXMyLuciteDreams for 20% off your order.


Skin Saviour – True Organics of Sweden brings us the ‘All You Need is Me’ multi-purpose balm. This luxurious salve has been getting much love, as I use it nightly on my lips, elbows, ends of hair, heels, and anywhere that needs a little extra love, including dry patches on my face. It contains four intensely hydrating ingredients, including castor oil, beeswax, olive oil, Vitamin E and blueberry seed oil. It is also said to whiten and reduce age spots, while I can’t attest if it does or doesn’t, I am in love with this balm and see it becoming a winter skin staple for me.

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2 Responses to 5 things this week…

  1. Emily says:

    Sooooo many things in this post I want to try! First that nail colour is such a lovely modern take on a plum. I’m so bored of all the wine/plums that are around in winter. Also never thought you could use olive oil to clean your body? I love eucalyptus in skincare so this sounds divine I bet it’s very uplifting in the shower?
    Also that Swedish brand! I’ve never heard of it before. I’ve got a few balms to get through by popping this on my wish list!



    • Hi Emily! You look divine in plums and wines and anything else frankly! The olive oil is saponified. I edited the post to make that more clear. I love eucalyptus as well, so wonderful in the mornings! xoxo

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