Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap & Kessa Mitt for the Most Intense Full-Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key step for smooth, radiant and healthy skinDry brushing, salt and sugar scrubs, Konjac sponges – I love them all and use one of these exfoliating methods regularly. I was pretty sure my exfoliation game was on point thenexperienced the most intense full-body exfoliation of my life and my previous methods were put to shame. Kahina’s newly released Beldi soap and Kessa Mitt* duo have turned me into a new woman. I’m telling you, I’ve shed (whats must be) years of dead skin in one go.


Kahina Giving Beauty brings the experience of a Moroccan hammam into our home with their new Beldi Soap. In Moroccan tradition, Beldhi soap is used as a skin softening treatment. It can also be used as your daily body wash, as it effectively cleanses without drying the skin. It contains saponified olive oil and is fragranced with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus. In the hammam, pores are first opened through steam and hot water. The Beldhi soap is then applied liberally into a slight lather and left to penetrate the skin for 3-10 minutes, preparing the skin for a scrub-down with a Kessa mitt. This beautifying ritual effectively renews skin and creates for a divine at-home spa experience.


So, you don’t have a sauna in your home? Not to worry… you can still reap the incredible benefits of the hammam experience in your home. Here’s how – take a good long soak in your tub, or head into your shower to open pores and prepare skin for the Beldi Soap. Once skin is softened and ready, step out of the water and massage a generous amount of the skin treatment from neck to toes. With a silky and slippery gel-like texture, it feels incredible spreading across the skin and the eucalyptus fragrance creates a healing experience for the senses. The tricky part is the waiting. Kahina recommends leaving the treatment on for 10 minutes. So, I slathered my hair in oils, put some honey on my face, turned on some tunes and jumped around because it is January and it is freezing! So, I lasted about maybe three minutes until I hopped into the shower for some warmth, hoping a sufficient amount of time had passed.

With hesitation, I rinsed away the Beldi soap and took out the Kahina Kessa Mitt and watched amazing things unfold. Starting with my toes and working my way upwards, I scrubbed my skin with a firm hand. What I saw was my skin literally rolling off, a surprising amount of it at that. My skin was left softer than ever. I felt renewed and undoubtedly addicted to this skin-softening ritual. Flash forward two weeks later, I tried the Kessa Mitt again, this time without the soap. I found that the mitt did not glide across the skin with as much ease when used alone. So, I am a definite believer and now a true devotee to the Kahina Beldi Soap and Kessa Mitt ritual!

Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap $38 Kessa Mitt $15

available at kahinagivingbeauty.com and integritybotanicals.com

*sample – all thoughts expressed are unique and true to my personal experience, as always

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