The RMS Beauty Master Mixer adds “The Midas Touch”

RMS Beauty, the industry standard for creating a dewy complexion, unleashes their Master Mixer and its far more exquisite than I could have imagined. The new Master Mixer is like a sister to the cult-favorite Living Luminizer, but in a warm toned rose-gold shade. This multi-tasking pot of gold adds a “midas touch” to your existing makeup palette.


Brand creator, innovator and makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift created the Master Mixer to “revolutionize the color palette of your existing makeup bag.” Simply blend the Mixer into any of your current makeup products for an instant golden upgrade, or use it alone as a highlighter. Like the Living Luminizer, the Master Mixer deposits a lit-from-within radiance across your complexion but now in a universally flattering rose-gold tone.


The Master Mixer can be compared to the Living Luminizer in its finish and buttery smooth texture. A golden tone adds warmth and radiance to any existing makeup product. As a highlighter, it creates the most natural glowing effect without any discernible shimmer. The result is more subtle than the LL, and I do prefer this new shade to the latter as a highlight on most days. My favorite way to wear it is across my cheekbones, down my nose, blended into my existing eye shadow and mixed into any lipstick. It is an exquisite addition to the RMS Beauty line and certainly worth checking out!


In the image above I am wearing the RMS “Un” Cover-Up in shade #22 as foundation and concealer. RMS Lip2Cheek in Demure was applied to lips and cheeks and Kjaer Weis Eye Shadow in Grace onto the crease of my eyes. I topped it off with the RMS Master Mixer onto cheekbones, down my nose, eyes, and lips.

RMS Beauty Master Mixer $38

available at,,

15 thoughts on “The RMS Beauty Master Mixer adds “The Midas Touch”

  1. I just got the luminiferous and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. Any recommendations on how to apply? Fibers or brush? Do you apply it on top of foundation then add blush?

    1. I like to apply the Luminizer with my finger as a highlighter. The RMS Luminizer brush is great for application on the inner corners of eyes. If using to mix, I do love the RMS Blush Brush, a soft, synthetic brush works best.

  2. Oh and would you say it is glitter like or it gives a true sun kissed look naturally without glittery shimmer?

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