Wrap it up with the Hubalou Hair Towel

I’ve added and extra step to my hair routine that is actually saving me time, preventing damage, and freeing me of frizzies! As a curly girl, I’m always on the lookout for new products and styling methods that promise to tame my curls and the sometimes untamable frizziness that comes along with it. Remember when Lauren Conrad told us to wrap our hair in an old t-shirt? I obliged, I tried microfiber towels, white t-shirts, grey t-shirts, ones with stretch and ones without, but the end result wasn’t anything great. Not to mention I couldn’t quite keep the shirt on my head. Then the Hubalou Wrap* came in to my life and I finally fell in love with the hair wrapping method.


Featured Shade – Ocean

The Hubalou Wrap is different. Created from sustainable bamboo fiber, it promises to minimize heat dry time, prevent breakage, and reduce frizz. The super soft bamboo fiber has bit of stretch and a wrap-friendly design keeps stays in place, even through slumber.  After washing my hair, I wrap it in the Hubalou in a turban style and apply my makeup. I love how the wrap keeps my hair off my face as I primp in an oh so chic way. Really, it makes me feel fabulous! After I remove it, I am met with super soft hair and tamed curls that are free of frizz. I achieve the same result whether or not I use any product. It’s quite amazing! The amount of time that I spend blow-drying my hair straight is dramatically reduced, which I’m certainly grateful for. The wrap can be styled in different ways for different methods of drying. The Hubalou wrap is perfect for anyone, especially curly girls, who are looking to reduce frizz while keeping hair healthy.

How to wrap turban style




Hubalou Wrap Hair Towel $24

Use code ‘MLD15’ for 15% off you’re purchase of a Hair Towel shopconsciousbeauty.com 

*denotes gift

6 thoughts on “Wrap it up with the Hubalou Hair Towel

  1. Does it work well on long hair? I’m growing my hair rather long. And I have long hair already. 18 inches to be exact. I’m literally moments away from buying it 😛

  2. what a cool idea! I really need to try this. I’ve been using the same ratty old t-shirt for a million years lol. thanks for sharing 🙂

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