Beauty from the Inside Out – Moon Juice Beauty Dust

They say, “beauty starts from the inside out” and that “our skin is an outer reflection of our inner health.” There is no attesting the idea that when we feel good, we look good. Nourishing our bodies with good, clean food keeps us feeling our best and in turn will reflect outwards. As an advocate for clean eating, I can acclaim to the effects food has on our appearance. If I slip up, I can certainly feel it, as well as see it. The idea of a supplement that works internally to enhance our outer beauty, like Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust has a certain appeal to me, but certainly not without reservation. After incorporating the Dust for a few months, I’m kind of psyched at my results…


“The ancient empiric formula expands beauty through alchemizing elements legendary for their youth preserving, fortifying and tonifying qualities. Glowing supple skin, lustrous shiny hair and twinkling bright eyes, are holistically bestowed from the inside out.”

The Beauty Dust from Moon Juice contains a blend of wild-crafted herbs, adaptogenic plants and bioactive minerals like goji, rehmannia, pearl, and schisandra. It has a sweet nutty flavor and is absolutely delicious blended with nut milk and raw honey for an evening tonic. It also tastes great mixed with coffee. 

What I noticed upon drinking my first dose of Beauty Dust is its incredible calming effect.  Not a drowsy calm, but an awesome-feel-good-focused-calm, which I gauge is due to the schisandra berry. As someone who copes with anxiety and a lot of stress due to chronic illness, this is a very welcome feeling. As we all know stress can accelerate the aging process. After a few weeks of use, I noticed a complete turnaround in the health of my nails. Before incorporating the Beauty Dust into my routine, my nails were thin, brittle and constantly breaking. Now they are quite the opposite and require me to snip them on a weekly basis. Mind you it was the middle of winter and I had made no other mentionable changes in my diet. As for any other physical effects its hard to fully determine at this time, but with the results I’ve seen thus far (if not for the calming effect alone) I am thrilled and already on another jar!

Moon Juice Beauty Dust $65

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