Lurk Perfume Oil BS003 – ‘Pure’ Luxury Fragrance

It wasn’t until my journey into the world of green beauty that I discovered a true love for fragrance. When I finally understood my aversion to synthetics fragrance, and began to explore natural options, my love affair began.

Did you know that because fragrance is considered a “trade secret” it is not required by law to list the ingredients? What these “ingredients” could potentially contain is hundreds of synthetic chemicals or petrochemicals. So, in a world with little to no legal regulation on fragrance, Lurk is helping to redefine our view of luxury perfumes. By upholding themselves to the their own personal high standards, Lurk formulates their fragrances to ensure the safest and purest products possible. Now that is sexy!


“We painstakingly compound each scent using only organic, wild crafted, supercritical (CO2) extracted & certified hexane free absolutes to guarantee purity and olfactive quality. Our oils and raw materials are verified by a variety of processes from gas chromatography to USDA organic certification. We formulate to produce the purest, safest products possible that are sophisticated, complex and provide for a beautiful experience.” – Lurk


Lurk brings us closer to nature by handcrafting the purest fragrance formulations. It is easy to sense that nature is the muse in these divinely crafted blends. I was personally intrigued by Lurk’s BS003 Perfume Oil, a blend of sandalwood, bergamot, lemon and black pepper. Inspired by the fresh farm fields and the expansive ocean beaches of the Hamptons, this androgynous scent is a well-balanced combination of dry woods and bright citrus, with a hint of spice. It’s subtle, complex and alluring – I keep sniffing my wrists to admire the way it unfolds on the skin. Nature encapsulated – now this is luxury fragrance! 

Lurk BS003 Perfume Oil $55

available at,

*denotes PR sample

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