Red Apple Lipstick *Warning Nudes*

Red Apple Lipstick is a well-loved line of allergen free cosmetics. Their collection of lipstick, glosses, and eyeshadows receive constant praise from the vegan and green beauty community and beyond. Upon my recent introduction to the line, I’m now proud to say that I’m a bona-fide fangirl! RAL delivers the most silky, hydrating formula that can’t be beat. If you’re prone to dry lips, this is a formula you will want check out.


“Allergen free lipstick colors that inspire. Finishes that set the mood. Creamy and soft. Filled with the healing power of gluten free Vitamin-E. Hand made in the U.S.A., lab tested gluten free, chemical free, lead free… because every woman deserves safe makeup.”

Red Apple Lipstick’s lip products feature a deeply hydrating base of nourishing oils. The formula is a sure stand-out for it’s smoothe, silky feel and undeniable hydrating abilities. You can go ahead and skip the balm on the days you wear RAL. The lipsticks apply with a high shine and set to a satin finish, all the while keeping their moisture in tact. They offer excellent pigment and can be built from sheer to full coverage.


Oh My Guava* is a very wearable nude-pink shade.


Naughty* is a tan-nude shade.


Tiny Dancer* is a juicy peachy-pink melon shade with rich pigment, high shine and the softest, smoothest texture of all the glosses! There is no tacky feel, just slick, comfortable, hydrating goodness – you can go ahead and call me crazy for this gloss. It has a light vanilla scent and pretty exceptional wear. One swipe reveals rich color, while the gloss can be built up to an almost opaque finish.


Red Apply Lipstick – Lipstick $23.50 & Gloss $18.50

available at

*press sample – all thoughts expressed are unique and true to my personal experience, as always

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