Kosås Lipstick Weightless Lip Color SS2016

Kosås Cosmetics new lip colors are in and as you would expect, they are stunners! Kosås formulates universally flattering shades from nudes to brights that even I feel comfortable enough to wear – I call them bold lips for the timid. Kosås Weightless Lip Colors are remarkable and unique in their ability to transform well from a sheer stain to a full-coverage lipstick, while offering exceptional long-wear. See my previous review here.


THRILLEST* – A playful poppy red with an bright orange lean. Vibrant and fun. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish.

ELECTRA* – A luscious raspberry red. Passion with cool neutral undertones. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish.

ROYAL* – A warm, modern purple. Ripe like a berry and quite feminine. Full-coverage color. Semi-matte finish.

STARDUST* – A sheer neutral nude with pink and brown undertones. Like a summer tan. Hydrated finish. Stardust is like a warmer-toned sister to Rosewater.


(left-right) – Thrillest, Electra, Royal and Stardust






Kosås Weightless Lip Color $24 

available at kosascosmetics.com & beautyhabit.com

*sample – all thoughts expressed are unique and true to my personal experience, as always

6 thoughts on “Kosås Lipstick Weightless Lip Color SS2016

  1. Just purchased Stardust! Super excited. I’ve been looking for the perfect sheer “summer color” hope this is it!

  2. I am so thankful you turned me onto Kosas–I wear undone all the time, and I just picked up Thrillest this weekend. I am feeling the need to use a liner with thrillest though–do you have any suggestions?

    1. I am so glad to hear! They are just amazing! I wish I could offer you a color suggestion, but I only own two – one peach, one nude but both Jane Iredale which is a great formula. I would definitely check them out, they have a great selection. ❤️

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