Free Love Beauty Sunchild Illuminating Oil for Body & Hair

Makeup Artist, aesthetician and the beauty blogger behind, Lauren Van Loo, launches her new skin care line with the namesake Free Love Beauty. I’ve been a great fan of FLB and have much-anticipated this new debut. Lauren and I have very similar taste in all things beauty, and before I had the opportunity to sample a product from her new line, I knew her products would deeply resonate with me – and sure enough I adore Lauren’s recent release of her Sunchild Illuminating Oil*!


The Sunchild Illuminating Oil is a multi-purpose shimmering oil that deposits a sun-kissed glow to the skin. This concentrated beautifying potion was created to be used alone, or to be blended into existing makeup or skincare products for an added golden glow. Thanks to finely milled golden mica, Sunchild’s luminous effect is tasteful and not overtly sparkly. In addition to a its beautiful golden tone, a combo of organic rosehip oil and grape seed oil additionally work to benefit the skin. Sunchild is surely a unique product and thanks to its gentle formula its safe to use everywhere, even on the eye area.


Sunchild Illuminating Oil blended alone in natural lighting.

A few ways in which I’ve been enjoying Sunchild:

  • Mixed into body oils and creams for a light reflecting effect that helps to minimize skin imperfections.
  • Mixed into hair oils.
  • Mixed into full-coverage foundation to lighten the coverage and to add a luminous effect.
  • Mixed into loose mineral eyeshadows for extra vibrancy (foiling).


When blending Sunchild into your loose minerals the results are amazing. To think I’ve been using just water this whole time. The oil mixture, plus minerals, creates a super bold wet-effect and elevates the products wear-time and performance.


Alima Pure Pearluster Eyeshadow in Camel alone (left) and blended with Sunchild (right).

Free Love Beauty Sunchild Illuminating Oil $28

get yours here

Stay tuned to my Instagram @mylucitedreams for a very special giveaway!

*sample – all thoughts expressed are unique and true to my personal experience, as always!

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