Meet My New Best Friend – The Pranamat Eco

In a non-beauty related review, lets talk back pain! There is a funny thing that happens once you hit your thirties and that is the very noticeable presence of aches and pains. I truly feel like I went from 29 to 80. With the addition of a slipped disk, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, my back is one area that gives me a ton of trouble. Simply sitting at my desk, standing for too long, and lifting anything over 20 pounds could potentially cause the onset of pain. When Pranamat Eco* reached out to see if I would like to try one of their massage mats, I was totally game!


Image via Pranamat

The beautiful Pranamat is made from 100% natural materials and features 225 lotus petal massager contact points.

So what is the Pranamat ECO?

“The Pranamat ECO massage mat provides an experience unlike any other. Distinct from an ordinary yoga or exercise mat, Pranamat ECO features dozens of lotus-shaped massage stimulators that put gentle pressure on your problem areas to relieve minor aches, pains, and tension throughout your body—from head to toe.”


Image via Pranamat

Pranamat can help to:

  • Increase your sense of well being
  • Relieve minor back and neck pain
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Boost energy, quickly and easily
  • Increase skin’s elasticity

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My experience:

When I unboxed my beautifully presented Pranamat and touched my hands to the beautiful turquoise lotus design, I’ll admit I felt apprehensive. Those lovely lotus nails gave me quite the prick. When starting out I highly recommend wearing a light shirt as I did. In the name of pain, I ensued on my Pranamat journey. Everyday, both morning and night, I made a point to devote just 15 minutes on my mat. The first few sessions were quite uncomfortable, however I did feel a stretching sensation along my back, which urged me onward. Around the 6th session things began to change, the initial strong prickling sensation started to ease and evolved into a “hurts so good” type of sensation. At this time, I removed my light shirt to deeper feel the pressure. The Pranamat began to ease any discomfort that I was feeling in my back area in a matter of minutes and I began to feel less tension.

On a weekend getaway with my Pranamat in tow, let’s be real – I skipped two days. During those busy days of running around, swimming and holding my darling 1-year-old nephew – the pain started. It wasn’t until the drive home that I started to experience the worst back pain that drove me to tears, and I am no cry baby. I reached for my Pranamat, placed it under me (on the passenger side) did some deep breathing and felt tremendous relief after about 10 minutes – to my amazement! The Pranamat sends a surge of healing energy and heat to the areas that you target. It reduces tension, energizes and makes me feel renewed. I was up and around after just two days.

In continuing my journey, anytime that I feel discomfort I throw myself on my Pranamat and almost instantly feel relief. I use it as often as I need throughout the day depending on the severity of pain – the results last for several hours. My neck area is a strong trigger point for pain from fibromyalgia, to target that area I roll up a blanket to support my neck and to make sure the entire area is in contact with the mat. To relax, I use the Pranamat in the evenings in bed while watching tv or listening to music for the duration of 30-45 minutes. I am a strong believer in benefits of using the Pranamat Eco, and I am eternally grateful that it came into my life.

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*denotes press sample – all thoughts expressed are unique and true to my personal experience, as always.

One thought on “Meet My New Best Friend – The Pranamat Eco

  1. I’m glad you’ve found relief with this mat – sounds a bit like using a foam roller – the “hurt so good ” sensation is definitely similar with sore muscles! thanks for sharing 🙂

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