Boxwalla’s October Green Beauty Box*

Discover great artists and artisans from all over the world with Boxwalla. This subscription service allows you to explore a bimonthly selection of curated products in four different categories, including Artisanal Food, International Film, Literature and Green Beauty. You may subscribe to one interest, or hop around to explore other categories if you please.

I have the October Green Beauty Box to share, and its pretty amazing!


The Boxwalla October Green Beauty Box features a brand that has been getting a ton of buzz recently and one that I’ve been anxious to try, Siam SEAS:

“SEAS is an acronym for South East Asian Spa & every product is brimming with precious botanicals from Southeast Asia. The knowledge of these botanicals & how to use them has been preserved and passed down through generations. Supadra Geronima, the wonderful, knowledgeable founder of Siam SEAS, has distilled some of these ancient beauty secrets into incredible potions that sooth, heal, & nourish the skin.” 

This months selection features one full-sized Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum that retails for $80, along with two generous trial-sized products, including the SEAS Elements Beauty Balm and a brand new product making its debut, the Mekha Herbal Active Cleanser. All products add up to a $150 value, so it’s a fantastic service to discover new and great products at a great value. Also included are two promo codes to save on your next purchase at

A closer look:


The Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum

24 precious active organic, wildcrafted and non-GMO ingredients hand blended to provide a powerful synergistic bioactive liquid gold that will help your skin repair and regenerate cells under the twilight glow. Formulated with powerful botanicals treasured by Southeast Asian people since ancient times to relieve inflammation, remove toxins, promote blood circulation, inhibit melanin synthesis, fight infection and heal cuts and skin wounds.

SEAS Elements Beauty Balm

The Elements Beauty Balm has the most intoxicating aroma and beautiful green color. Carefully created with reactive, easily congested skin in mind, the Balm works to heal the skin, allowing it to glow without clogging your pores.

“Formulated with four powerhouse Southeast Asian botanicals used by the ancestors to provide relief for stressed acne prone inflamed skin while replenishing hydration, reactivating skin elasticity, boosting collagen synthesis and regenerating skin cells to create a natural glow.”

Mekha Herbal Active Cleanser

The brand new Mekha Active Cleanser has a bright lemon and ginger scent, and gently exfoliates skin while adding hydration. It contains raw honey infused with royal jelly, propolis and pollen to provide an enzymatic exfoliation, while drawing moisture into the skin, along with active herbs to absorbs toxins, tighten the pores and stimulate blood circulation.

About the Boxwalla Boxes themselves:

The beautiful boxes that contain each monthly selection are hand crafted from tree-free paper by a small company in India from cotton scraps, using the traditional art of paper-making that involves 9 steps and takes several weeks. The whole process is completely child labor free and employs 63 local villagers and 20 skilled artisans whose families have been making paper for generations.

Visit and Subscribe at:

*sample – Boxwalla kindly gifted me October’s Green Beauty Box

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