Bloom Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

We have all experienced the joy and pleasures that flowers can bring into our lives, but we are far mor interconnected then we think. In the new book: Flowerevolution: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers by flower alchemist, Katie Hess (of Lotus Wei) and award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, we learn just how influential flowers and plants can be, and how they can make us feel happier, less stressed and more in tune.

“When we’re in nature, we move toward what elicits our best qualities. When we need a boost of confidence, joy, courage, or love, we’re attracted to those flowers that evoke those qualities within us. After spending time around trees and flowers, we actually feel different; we can feel all kinds of positive qualities rising up within us. Those qualities are already within us, but it’s being in nature that wakes up those feelings inside us and remind us—with a visceral experience—of who we are.” ~ Katie Hess, Author + Flower Alchemist

Welcome to the Flowerevolution


In her new book, Katie Hess gives us insight into:

  • What your favorite flower reveals about you.
  • How the language of flowers can help you better understand yourself & your loved ones.
  • The magic of Flower Elixirs and how they remove everyday static of life created by electronics, lack of nature time, stress & other energy-draining influences. Flower elixirs are like liquid chi – containing the energetic life force of the flowers; they travel through the acupuncture meridians, bringing us into balance (like an acupuncture treatment without the needles).
  • Plus exercises, reflections, rituals, recipes & projects, including flower baths, elixirs, mandalas, body oils, desserts, and more!

In celebration of her new book, Katie Hess has invited myself and a few other bloggers to experience the magic of her flower elixirs. We were each presented with a selection of flowers to decide on which most appealed to us. Quite immediately I was drawn to the White Magnolia, with their beautifully pure, grand and open white flowers. I remember seeing them for the very first time in person and was just in awe of their beauty.



Activate: Spiritual fulfillment
Message: You are divine.
The Magnolia tree flower is so old that it was alive before the bees appeared, with some fossils identified to be over 95 million years old! If you feel attracted to Magnolia, you may feel like something in your life is changing in a big way. There may be a natural process that’s happening in your life that you are fighting, or you may be experiencing fear of losing something that’s important to you. Like the Lotus, White Magnolia embodies ancient wisdom and is a catalyst flower elixir, strengthening the effectiveness and synergy of all other botanical remedies with which it’s combined. This special elixir inspires us to look beyond the obvious and see what’s deeper. White Magnolia helps us experience profound peace and spiritual fulfillment and awakens the part of us that is all-knowing and aware of divine timing.


The Flower Elixirs are to be taken consistently to experience best results – 5 drops under the tongue 5x a day, or 25 drops in a water bottle to be taken throughout the day. All the Elixirs contain ethically sourced honey, which gives it is delicious flavor. It is a pleasurable experience in taking a moment to enjoy your sweet elixir and reflect on your true wishes and desires. It’s like a reminder throughout the day, to bring yourself back to the moment to reassess. It took some time for me to notice the subtle effects in my experience with my personal elixir. What I was able to ascertain in my second week was a noticeable and stronger than usual nudge toward gauging subtle signs and guidance. I felt a sort of synchronicity with the universe.


As a special gift, Katie Hess is offering up a sneak peek of the first two chapters of her book and beautiful digital wallpapers for you to enjoy, plus some very special giveaways!


Learn how the lovely and talented Kasey Lum of experiences the Pomegranate Flower here

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