New Lip Colors from Nūdus

Nūdus Australia recently added five new shades to their Lip Euphoria range of lip colors. I’m sure you’ve heard me rave before about this Australian-born line of lipsticks, which contain all-natural, certified organic ingredients in an ultra luxe formula. These boldly pigmented lipsticks provide long, comfortable wear and nourish the lips with a blend of 27 active ingredients.nudus-lip-euphoria-new-shades-my-lucite-dreams

Dreamtime: a creamy mid-tone pink with red undertones (if 27 kisses had a sister, this would be it)
Amalia: a sheer pink wash of color (lighter in weight than other Nūdus formulations)
Zo Zo: a fun bright purple pop of color
Viva: a medium purple/pink (lighter and more mauve then Just Like Jade)
Ruby Rose: a wearable rasberry red

nudus-lip-euphoria-amaliaAmalia (pictured above)

“Nudus lipsticks are handcrafted in Australia with certified organic ingredients and combine bioactive ancient ayurvedic colors and extracts made from organic flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals with organic cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan and moringa.”

Amalia is a beautiful mid-tone warm pink. The finish is more glossy then other Nūdus shades and while it is a touch more sheer, it sure does not lack in pigment. One swipe offers a more subtle look, while this formula can be layered for more intensity. As per usual, Amalia performs beautifully with easy application and hydrating long-wear. In the above image, I applied a light layer of Amalia.

(Amalia layered)

available at

All Nūdus Lipsticks ship free with code FREESHIPNUDUS

*denotes gift: kindly provided to me from The Choosy Chick

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