RMS Beauty Luminizer X Quad

Meet the new Luminizer X Quad from RMS Beauty. This dreamy quad of highlighters feature four brand new “luminizer” shades, and I have to say, it’s kind of a must-have. I want to go “full-face highlighter challenge” with this baby. If you felt the OG “Living Luminizer” didn’t have enough oomph for you, well then the Luminizer X will help you reach your highlight goals. Then there is the Champagne Fizz with some serious light-reflective shimmer in it. More details of the shades below…

“An innovative twist on our cult-classic living luminizer, these four high-impact luminizers can be worn alone, blended for a custom glow or mixed into any product for super luminosity.” -RMS Beauty 

Clockwise from top left: Luminizer X, Luminizer Nude, Champagne Fizz & Champagne Rosé.

The Luminizers:

LUMINIZER X: An amped up version of the original Living Luminizer, perhaps slightly firmer in texture than the original.

LUMINIZER NUDE: A subtle radiant copper that adds warmth and a very natural sheen to the skin.

CHAMPAGNE ROSÉ: A highly reflective, yet natural, warm blush champagne shade. A bit more creamier in texture than the other shades, my finger went right through this shade after taking some photos in direct sunlight. However, this might be my favorite shade of the bunch!

CHAMPAGNE FIZZ: A mesmerizing opalescent shade, with more discernible shimmer – a great option for a night out. This shade feels a bit more slippery in texture than the others.

Available at:

The Detox Market, Nordstrom, Beauteabar & Credo Beauty

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