Nucifera’s The Balm

For all your beauty needs (well several) — meet Nucifera’s The Balm*. This amped up coconut oil based balm is a multitasking wonder. As author of The Coconut Kitchen, Nucifera brand creator, Meredith Baird knows a thing or two about the vast benefits of coconut oil. Meredith created The Balm, to simplify our beauty routine with a “distinctive blend of the most healing and effective plant-based butters and oils found on earth.” 

Use THE BALM to moisturize all over, remove dirt and makeup, condition hair, improve dry skin conditions, treat acne problems, minimize wrinkles, reduce inflammation and so much more.”


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Kimberly Loc X Rachel’s Plan Bee ‘Limited Edition’ Body Oil and Body Polish

Green Beauty Blogger Kimberly Loc of kimberlyloc and Rachel’s Plan Bee unite in an effort to rid us all of out dry skin woes, while bathing us in an aromatic bouquet of jasmine. The pair first teamed up to create a ‘Limited Edition’ Body Oil that soon became a best-seller. As this very special oil soon sold out, the demand for its return became real. It’s now back and available alongside a specially formulated Body Polish. This dynamic duo has been a mere saviour to my dry winter skin.


“At Rachel’s Plan Bee, we believe in new beginnings, embracing unexpected life journeys, and nurturing the radiance and beauy that lives within all of us” – Rachel

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Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap & Kessa Mitt for the Most Intense Full-Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key step for smooth, radiant and healthy skinDry brushing, salt and sugar scrubs, Konjac sponges – I love them all and use one of these exfoliating methods regularly. I was pretty sure my exfoliation game was on point thenexperienced the most intense full-body exfoliation of my life and my previous methods were put to shame. Kahina’s newly released Beldi soap and Kessa Mitt* duo have turned me into a new woman. I’m telling you, I’ve shed (whats must be) years of dead skin in one go.


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Woodlot – Finely Handcrafted Products for the Home and Body + a 20% Off Promo!

Vancouver-based brand Woodlot, and their line of products for the home and body, offers a clean aesthetic that mimics the purity of the products inside, not to mention chic! Lovingly handcrafted in small batches from safe and natural ingredients, Woodlot creates their products in a deep-rooted family tradition, but with a modern appeal. Woodlot’s offerings include finely handmade clean-burning candles made from organic coconut wax and non-gmo soy wax, luxurious soaps, floral mists, mineral bath soaks and palo santo bundles.

“With its origins steeped in family tradition, Team Woodlot keeps future generations in mind. That’s why each Woodlot candle is handmade with care using clean-burning, petroleum-free coconut wax. And why all our body products are made in small batches with specially-selected ingredients from near and afar.”

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Armed and Ready for Winter with Metta Skincare Vanilla Body Butter

Winter skin, meet your match! Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance with Mettā Skincare’s Body Butter*. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill shea butter blend, oh no, this is different! You will notice its superior quality once you dip your fingers into this decadent delight. This five ingredient butter is one intense full body moisturizer that provides optimal hydration that lasts all day. This dry-skinned gal is now armed and ready for whatever this New York winter has in store, bring it!


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New & Notable Beauty

Spring is alive with some new and very notable beauty releases. Some fantastic green beauty brands have debuted some fabulous new products that have certainly piqued my curiosity. Here is a look at some of those covetable new releases.


The luxurious and innovative green beauty brand Kjaer Weis, just released a new bronzer called Dazzling. I had the chance to sample this new addition at the BeauTeaBar Grand Opening event. The luminous finish reminded me somewhat of their Radiance Highlighter, but in a natural bronze shade. There is also a new eyeshadow called Grace, which is a very wearable, semi-matte mocha shade, suitable to all skin tones. If you are familiar with the KW eyeshadow formula, it is exquisitely buttery smooth. A vibrant pink blush, called Happy, also made a debut. It is said to be their “most pigment blush yet.”

One Love Organics had a recent brand makeover and additionally made some slight tweaks to their existing products. With the brands new look came some new products to covet, including the Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion and Gardenia + Tea Body Serum. The ‘Vitamin Collection’ from the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics also introduced a new Vitamin C Body Polish, a sugar based body scrub featuring a highly concentrated combination of Vitamin C Ester, aloe, shea, and raw, organic sugar crystals.

Captain Blankenship just debuted several new beauty products that have certainly caught my attention. Not one, but two new face masks have joined the Captain Blankenship line-up and the ingredients already have me swooning. The Petal Gentle Flower Face Mask contains rose petals, hibiscus, french pink clay, manuka honey, chamomile, rose absolute and carrot seed oil to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse for a radiant complexion. The Mermaid Detox Face Mask, contains french green clay, matcha tea, spirulina, bladderwrack, kelp, nettle, and the essential oils of ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender. There are also new bath salts, a natural bug repellent called Sail Away, an oil-based makeup remover, and the Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray which creates beachy waves and contains essential oils to natural lighten hair when activated by the sun (a natural sun-in alternative?!).

I have been consistently coming across great praise for the Josh Rosebrook brand. Their Nutrient Day Cream has been receiving amazing reviews. I was able to try the Day Cream when I received a sample in a recent order. The consistency and texture are remarkable, not like anything I’ve come across before. The Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 now comes in a tinted version that I am coveting, and at a more reasonable price tag.

Green beauty pioneer, RMS Beauty has released a new collection of “nudes.” The new Eye Polish, Myth, is a very wearable and beautiful metallic taupe. Two new Lip Shines also debuted, one called Moment, which is a neutral caramel brown shade created for the one and only Gisele, and Honest, a nude, dusty rose. RMS have also introduced two new face brushes that are both well made, soft, yet firm enough to blend creams. The skin2skin Foundation brush and skin2skin Blush Brush.