Captain Blankenship Golden Waves Sea Salt Shimmer Spray for Luminous Beach Waves

The cult-classic Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray from Captain Blankenship gets a radiant upgrade. It’s the same great formula, but infused with golden mica! Now you’re perfectly messy tousled waves will magically glisten as shimmering particles catch the light.


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Mermaid Hair on Point – Captain Blankenship Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray

In all their glory, beachy waves are full of texture and volume, with an effortlessly sexy appeal. Contrary to belief, a day at the beach won’t create that ideal post beach mussed-up wave we desire. Luckily there are a plentitude of salt sprays on the market that help to achieve that perfectly imperfect look. Captain Blankenship hits the mark with their Sea Salt Sprays, created with all natural and organic ingredients. Their original Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray, and Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray* brilliantly achieves Siren worthy salty locks.


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New & Notable Beauty

Spring is alive with some new and very notable beauty releases. Some fantastic green beauty brands have debuted some fabulous new products that have certainly piqued my curiosity. Here is a look at some of those covetable new releases.


The luxurious and innovative green beauty brand Kjaer Weis, just released a new bronzer called Dazzling. I had the chance to sample this new addition at the BeauTeaBar Grand Opening event. The luminous finish reminded me somewhat of their Radiance Highlighter, but in a natural bronze shade. There is also a new eyeshadow called Grace, which is a very wearable, semi-matte mocha shade, suitable to all skin tones. If you are familiar with the KW eyeshadow formula, it is exquisitely buttery smooth. A vibrant pink blush, called Happy, also made a debut. It is said to be their “most pigment blush yet.”

One Love Organics had a recent brand makeover and additionally made some slight tweaks to their existing products. With the brands new look came some new products to covet, including the Coconut + Salt Mineral Body Lotion and Gardenia + Tea Body Serum. The ‘Vitamin Collection’ from the Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics also introduced a new Vitamin C Body Polish, a sugar based body scrub featuring a highly concentrated combination of Vitamin C Ester, aloe, shea, and raw, organic sugar crystals.

Captain Blankenship just debuted several new beauty products that have certainly caught my attention. Not one, but two new face masks have joined the Captain Blankenship line-up and the ingredients already have me swooning. The Petal Gentle Flower Face Mask contains rose petals, hibiscus, french pink clay, manuka honey, chamomile, rose absolute and carrot seed oil to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse for a radiant complexion. The Mermaid Detox Face Mask, contains french green clay, matcha tea, spirulina, bladderwrack, kelp, nettle, and the essential oils of ylang ylang, bergamot and lavender. There are also new bath salts, a natural bug repellent called Sail Away, an oil-based makeup remover, and the Ray of Light Sea Salt Sun Spray which creates beachy waves and contains essential oils to natural lighten hair when activated by the sun (a natural sun-in alternative?!).

I have been consistently coming across great praise for the Josh Rosebrook brand. Their Nutrient Day Cream has been receiving amazing reviews. I was able to try the Day Cream when I received a sample in a recent order. The consistency and texture are remarkable, not like anything I’ve come across before. The Nutrient Day Cream with SPF 30 now comes in a tinted version that I am coveting, and at a more reasonable price tag.

Green beauty pioneer, RMS Beauty has released a new collection of “nudes.” The new Eye Polish, Myth, is a very wearable and beautiful metallic taupe. Two new Lip Shines also debuted, one called Moment, which is a neutral caramel brown shade created for the one and only Gisele, and Honest, a nude, dusty rose. RMS have also introduced two new face brushes that are both well made, soft, yet firm enough to blend creams. The skin2skin Foundation brush and skin2skin Blush Brush.

Kumari Luxury Oil Treatment for all Hair Types*

I’ve had the blessed opportunity over the years to sample some incredible products from amazing brands. While I have sampled my fair share of duds that don’t even make it to the achieves of MLD, my heart still races when I come across that certain gem. This reassures me that the ‘beauty enthusiast’ inside me is still very much alive and well. Kumari Luxury’s line of body and skin care has wowed me since day one. The certain gem that I am referring to today, is their Hair Oil Treatment. With an exemplary formula comprised of Ayurvedic oils, this is the ‘mother’ of hair oils.


Kumari Luxury Hair Oil Treatment was inspired by founder, Aarti Gala’s Indian heritage and a sweet beauty ritual passed down from her mother.

“When I was young, my mother always showed me the importance of taking time to enjoy the moment. Every week, she would break away from her busy schedule for a little ritual that I still remember to this day. At the end of a long day, she would put everything aside, take out her amazing Ayurvedic hair oils from India, and massage oil into my hair before sending me off to sleep. Those cherished moments, the happy silence, the fragrance of the hair oil, and the feeling of absolute comfort and relaxation are what led me to create Kumari Luxury.” – Aarti Gala

The Luxury Hair Oil contains a blend of all natural and organic oils, spices, and essential oils and smells of Kumari’s signature sandalwood and magnolia fragrance.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil*, Argania Spinosa (Argan) Nut Oil*, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Magnolia Acuminata Extract, Santalum Spicatum (Sandalwood), Eclipta Alba*, Rubia Cordifolia*, Sida Cordifolia*, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric)*, Glycrrhiza Glabra (Licorice)*, Hemidesmus Indicus Root*, Withania Somnifera* and Messua Ferra (Saffron). *Certified Organic Ingredients


Kumari’s Luxury Oil Treatment is a pre-shampoo treatment, and suggested to be worn overnight for best results. Simply use the dropper to apply the treatment directly to the scalp, then continue to coat the hair from roots to tips. Generally we are told to apply hair treatment oils to the ends of hair, avoiding the scalp. As someone who has a generous accumulation of oils on their scalp already, I was a bit apprehensive about this step. I know by logic that oil repels oil, but even so, I feared the state of my hair post shampoo. As the good beauty guinea pig that I am, I ensued with great measure.

What makes Kumari’s Hair Oil Treatment different? A surprising ascertainment that I gained when using the oil, is that while your hair is surely coated, it doesn’t feel greasy, to my surprise. I felt no reservation when laying my head to my pillow at night. There was no surplus of oils leaving behind an oil slick, nor did I feel at any time uncomfortably greasy. Not to mention the magnolia and sandalwood fragrance, while not overbearing, is utterly exquisite. The oil treatment easily washes away with one shampoo, leaving no residue behind. You can go about your day as planned, with only the added addition of lustrous, healthy, and more manageable locks. Not to mention, the treatment has helped to neutralize the oils in my scalp, leaving it more balanced. My hair blows out more quickly after use, and the damage I have endured from heat styling is reversed. I use this treatment weekly to keep my hair in its best shape. This oil is perfect for anyone seeking healthy shiny hair, no matter your hair type.

Kumari Luxury Hair Oil Treatment $38


Valentine’s Day Beauty

What is sexy? Confidence is sexy. No matter what is that makes you feel your most beautiful, stick to that and don’t alter it for anyone. Whether it be smoky eyes, pink lips, blue lips, black lace or velour onesies, go with it. Need some suggestions? Her are a few suggestions.

Flying Solo for Valentine’s Day? I want you to consider these suggestions as well. There is no love like self-love. Nurture and care for yourself habitually, just for you, because that is a good enough reason.


Elevate the mood with Moon Juice Sex DustThis holistic blend of libido-enhancing ingredients, including Maca and Cacao, promises to warm you up and “send waves of blood to all the right places.”

Create touchable texture with Oribe Dry Texturizing SprayThis ‘cult classic’ creates a perfectly undone look, while adding volume to your roots, and leaving behind an incredible fragrance. For soft, tousled waves, curl hair with a wide barrel curling iron, at least 1 1/2 inches. Flip head upside down and mist hair from roots to ends.

Achieve your softest skin with the Captain Blankenship Rosemary & Lemongrass Body ScrubA personal favorite, this chocolate scented scrub effortlessly sloughs off dead skin, while leaving behind a veil of dewy moisture.

Get kissable lips with the Bite Beauty Champagne Agave Lip MaskTreat your dry, chapped pout by drenching your lips in moisture. Champagne contains a subtle rose-gold hue and has a deliciously fruity taste, that is sure to keep you lip-locked.

Keep the red off your lips and put it on your tips, with a red statement nail, like RGB Nail Polish in Too RedAccording to science, this rosy hue gains popularity within the male sex. So ladies, lets keep it ‘on’ ourselves by adding a pop to our digits.

A natural glowing complexion can be achieved, courtesy of RMS Living LuminizerEnhance your look by applying this brilliant highlighter to the brow bones, cheekbones, and down the bridge of your nose. For little extra lighting, add it to your collarbone.

Create ambience by candlelight, with a fresh and floral fragrance, like the ‘limited edition’ Rosafolia candle by Diptyque. Fresh Ivy and Turkish rose combined with galbanum and  geranium, unite to create a fresh green fragrance with soft floral notes.

Spritz yourself with a sexy scent, like Honres des Pres Love CoconutThough not your typical tropical coconut fragrance, this one combines fresh coconut milk in a base of tonka bean and vanilla bourbon with a base of white cedar and organic coconut essence. The invoking combination creates a warm and sultry bouquet.

Look better naked as you achieve flawless skin with PRTTY PeaushunThe ‘pretty potion’ contains a subtle amount of shimmer to conceal minor imperfections and create a slimmer silhouette. A combination of natural botanical extracts work to lift, firm, and tighten. It’s brilliant!

Get beautifully bronzed with the Tarte Brazilliance Self TannerThis self-tanner from Tarte applies like a breeze with an included application mitt. The best part? It smells of vanilla.

 I want to know, what makes you feel sexy?

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder

I was just about done with the entire concept of dry shampoos. I’ve tried a slew of them, often turned off by offensive odors. Then there were the times, when the powder formulas coagulated with my scalps natural oils, leaving me with a pasty residue that had me hightailing it to the nearest running tap. My hair was anything but fresh. Just as I had basically closed that book on that chapter, my beloved One Love Organics released a new dry shampoo powder, and I gave it one more go. The Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder from One Love Organics has completely restored my faith in the world of dry shampoos (cue the singing angels).


First off, Healthy Locks has a subtle clean fragrance, that is utterly delightful. It contains a “unique blend of highly absorbent Georgia kaolin clay, hyaluronic acid and silica rich bamboo extract.” I shake the powder directly onto scalp, let it sit for a minute, then massage it in. I am met with instant volume, and my hair is left feeling ultimately refreshed. It’s been a huge time saver, and, to my surprise, a handbag staple. I love Dry Shampoo!

One Love Organics Healthy Locks Dry Shampoo Powder $12


The Summer Favorites

Do I dare say that summer is over in only a few weeks? Well, it flew by and now I am on a mission to soak it all in. Here are a few of my absolute favorite beauty products that are helping me to look my best as I do it.

  • the-summer-favoritesL’Oreal Voluminous Manga Waterproof Mascara – I deem the recently released Voluminous Manga mascara from L’Oreal, my new current HG of mascaras. It adds more volume and out-curls my straight limp lashes. More so than my previous favorite, the original Waterproof Voluminous. It’s completely swim-proof, I’ve tested it.
  • Hourglass Ambient Blush in Dim Infusion – This peachy-coral blush gives skin a natural, believable flush, with a luminous glow. The formula is perfection, and the look, and shade are perfect on top to an already tanned complexion. (review)
  • Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eye Shadow – These gorgeous shadows from Josie Maran create a stunning eye look in seconds. The formula won’t crease or budge throughout any hot summer day. (review)
  • Chanel SOLEIL TAN DE CHANEL Bronzing Makeup Base – I still adore this bronzer for when I already have a bit of a tan, to add some dimension. This lovely mousse-like formula is easy to blend, and feels like nothing on. (review)
  • Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil – My go-to fragrance for the summer. It smells of a tropical breeze. (review)
  • Nars Tinted Moisturizer – Hands down the best TM I’ve ever tried and an all-time favorite. St. Moritz is the shade that keeps my glowing all summer long. (review)
  • Coola spf 30 Cucumber Face Moisturizing Sunscreen – The Ultimate summer necessity, in an chemical-free and organic formula. (review)
  • Clarins Sunscreen Stick – I still haven’t found anything better for protecting my lips and nose.
  • Gressa Bare Lip Boost – I’m all about easy balms for the summer. This ‘lip boost’ from Gressa is the perfect light pink to add a touch of color, while intensely hydrating the lips. (review)
  • Lina Hanson Global Baby Oil – I love this fragrance-free oil for summer. It absorbs instantly, which was a must in the heat. It’s also great for sensitive skin and won’t attract any unwanted pests. (review)
  • Kahina Argan Oil – Forever a favorite, and a saviour for dry patches, cuticles, hair and whatever else. (review)
  • Wedderspoon Queen of the Hive Manuka Honey Lip Balm in Peppermint – An amazing lip balm with Manuka Honey for soothe dry lips overnight.
  • S.W. Basics of Brooklyn Toner – I talk about this toner ALOT. I adore what it does from my skin. It’s also great for a boost post workout, or just when you’re sitting around sweating you’re a** off. (review)
  • Kerastase Spray a Porter – For the ultimate beach hair, this texturizer won’t make hair dry or crunchy but essentially the opposite.

Tell me your Summer Faves!

 *Hat from Madewell, Bikini Top from Athleta