Bloom Into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers

We have all experienced the joy and pleasures that flowers can bring into our lives, but we are far mor interconnected then we think. In the new book: Flowerevolution: Blooming into Your Full Potential with the Magic of Flowers by flower alchemist, Katie Hess (of Lotus Wei) and award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg, we learn just how influential flowers and plants can be, and how they can make us feel happier, less stressed and more in tune.

“When we’re in nature, we move toward what elicits our best qualities. When we need a boost of confidence, joy, courage, or love, we’re attracted to those flowers that evoke those qualities within us. After spending time around trees and flowers, we actually feel different; we can feel all kinds of positive qualities rising up within us. Those qualities are already within us, but it’s being in nature that wakes up those feelings inside us and remind us—with a visceral experience—of who we are.” ~ Katie Hess, Author + Flower Alchemist

Welcome to the Flowerevolution

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Meet My New Best Friend – The Pranamat Eco

In a non-beauty related review, lets talk back pain! There is a funny thing that happens once you hit your thirties and that is the very noticeable presence of aches and pains. I truly feel like I went from 29 to 80. With the addition of a slipped disk, chronic pain and fibromyalgia, my back is one area that gives me a ton of trouble. Simply sitting at my desk, standing for too long, and lifting anything over 20 pounds could potentially cause the onset of pain. When Pranamat Eco* reached out to see if I would like to try one of their massage mats, I was totally game!


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Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil* and Giveaway

Today, we’re talking aromatherapy. How I have personally incorporated them into my life, their benefits, and why they work. I’m also shining a light onto one incredible farm-to-bottle brand that creates exceptionally potent formulas.

The olfactory sense is 10,000 times more sensitive than any other senses. Our response to smell is immediate, as it directly extends to the brain and to our central nervous system. Scents can have a powerful impact on our well-being. It can arouse strong emotions, that can be both positive and/or negative. This is where aromatherapy comes in.

My introduction to aromatherapy began in my early teens. I suffered from anxiety, panic and sleep disturbances since a young age. A dear friend, whose father practiced a holistic lifestyle, gifted me a bottle of lavender oil. It was then, that I learned just how powerful plant-derived essences can be. I began a journey into the world of aromatherapy, researching different essences and creating my own blends. I also learned that not all oils are alike, and that is important to find a brand that carefully bottles up essences in their purest forms.

I present to you Uma Oil difference.


Uma is a line of luxury skincare and wellness oils of 100% natural and organic origin. What makes Uma Oils different? Uma’s blend of essential oils are grown, extracted, formulated and bottled entirely on the family estate of founder, Shrankhla Holecek. Every process from seed to bottle is overseen by Uma’s team of experts. Great care is placed upon seed selection, while each plant is only harvested twice before replanting, thus yielding the highest quality essential oils. The essential oils are blended with the minimal amount of carrier oil for the most potent, high impact blend of essential oils. They also win for most aesthetically pleasing packaging. 


After speaking with the company, we decided that the Pure Energy Wellness Oil* would be the perfect match for me. As someone who now suffers with Chronic Fatigue, along with Fibromyalgia, this energizing blend of oils seemed like just the boost I needed.

The Pure Energy Wellness oil* contains rosemary, ylang ylang, frankincense, patchouli, peppermint, ginger, basil, clary sage, and jasmine essential oils, in a jojoba and evening primrose base. This blend was created to naturally fight fatigue, boost energy, stimulate mental alertness, and to be used as a natural alternative to caffeine.

My day starts by applying Pure Energy to the bottoms of my feet, and pulse points (as suggested). I then take a moment to inhale deeply and gather myself. A little goes a long way, as this formula is indeed potent. I imagine that the 1 oz. bottle will last me quite a while. Pure Energy undoubtedly provides me with a well needed energy boost. It works in ways caffeine can’t, without the side effects, and the results are instantaneous. This blend helps to wash away my mental fog, leaving me more focused, and more productive at work (for that I’m eternally grateful). It a great option for an afternoon pick-me-up, pre and post-workout boost, for use during a cleanse, and any other time you just need a healthy boost. It’s no doubt that Uma Oils are of exceptional quality and that their blends are thoughtfully created.


Uma Pure Energy Wellness Oil $85

Uma has graciously offered up one Pure Energy Wellness Oil to giveaway to one lucky reader! I am thrilled to be able to share this opportunity to you.

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Fragrances For the Home from skinnyskinny®

Set the mood this season with ever delightful fragrances for the home from skinny skinny®, created by aromatherapist extraordinaire, Clara Williams. With a selection of all-natural clean burning soy candles, and aromatherapeutic room sprays created from pure organic essential oils, skinnyskinny® will help keep you calm, cool, and collected at home.


Created from all-natural soy wax and organic essential oils, the skinnyskinny® candles burn clean for 45+ plus hours. Cypress is a woodsy scent that is fresh, uplifting and more subtle than say, pine. The Cypress Soy Candle* releases a light fragrance that won’t overpower the home. It’s the perfect fall companion. Add in a book, a fleece blanket, a bottle of red wine cup of hot tea, and we’ve got bliss!


The Aromatherapeutic Organic Room Spray in 268* is the signature fragrance of the skinnyskinny® Brooklyn store front *notes to plan a visit*. It contains the all-natural and organic essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, lavender, geranium and lemongrass. This ingenious combination of oils are said to be calming, grounding and strengthening, while I might add in uplifting as well. I simply adore this room spray and deem it a necessary home companion. It sits beside me as I work and read. I also find it beneficial in aiding in the practice of meditation.

Cypress Soy Candle $30

Aromatherapeutic Room Spray $24

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*samples generously provided


The Skinny on Dry Brushing

My pamper sesh includes a new favorite indulgence and it’s called dry brushing. While I’m sure many of you have heard of it, those of you who haven’t must get in the know. It includes a dry scratchy brush and a few minutes before showering to gain its numerous benefits. While that might not sound attractive initially, once you get the hang of it, the practice is surely addictive.



  • Helps to remove metabolic waste in the body by increasing circulation. 
  • Assists in improving lymphatic drainage to remove toxins trapped in the skin. Removing these toxins help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells encouraging cell renewal.
  • Ultimately leaves the skin smoother, more radiant and better able to absorb nutrients.
  • Helps reduce razor bumps.
  • Strengthens the immune system by accelerating the clearing of toxins.

 How To:

  • Dry brushing is always performed with a dry brush, on dry skin, right before you shower. (your brush should be made of natural bristles)
  • Starting at your feet, always work your way up towards the heart.
  • Use quick circular motions then long, sweeping strokes.
  • From your legs, work your way to your hands and up your arms. Again, always towards the heart.
  • Perform gentle, circular motions on your stomach and up towards your chest (be extra gentle here).
  • Lastly, brush upward from your lower back to middle and from neck down (a brush with a handle helps here).


Initially the sensation of the rough bristled brush against my skin felt all too harsh. I found that as I started off with a very light hand, I was soon able to apply more pressure in time. After about a week or so, as my skin got used to the practice and it became a very pleasurable experience. My body became warm and I felt incredibly energized and renewed. Followed up by a warm shower and a helping of my favorite body oil, the experience is utter bliss. After over a month or so, I have seen a definite improvement in my skins texture. The areas of cellulite have definitely diminished and appear more toned. I am certainly a believer.

The Best Brush 


Tata Harper Aromatic Irritability Treatment

Aromatherapy is a practice than can provide tremendous results for the treatment of a variety of conditions. I have used Essential Oils in my daily life for a numerous years to ease feelings of anxiety, stress, insomnia, and panic. As these conditions are daily stressors for me, Essential Oil blends are a ‘handbag essential’ and I am never without at least one. Tata Harper’s Aromatherapy Treatment has gained a permanent place amid my HG Essential Oil blends for treatment of irritability, tension and anxiety.

Tata Harper’s Aromatherapy Irritability Treatment is a blend of Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, and Patchouli in a Jojoba Oil base. This blend of natural and organic oils was created to soothe and “immediately lessen irritability, helping you become centered and relaxed.” 

photo 2-9

The Irritability treatment is contained in a green glass bottle with a metal screw cap. The metal rollerball makes application quick and easy. Floral notes strike me as the most prominent followed by the lemon citrus notes of Bergamot. The blend is very potent so only a little dab will do ya, while it lasts quite long on the skin. These are both definite pluses in the world of Aromatherapy.

photo 3-2

It is recommended to apply the oil to the pulse points inside wrists, on temples and to each side of neck. For immediate results, apply to palms and inhale deeply for a minimum of 5 deeps breaths. I personally love to use this oil applied to my palms while practicing a yoga breathing technique called Nadi Shodhan Pranayama which translates to ‘alternate nostril breathing’.

photo 1-9

Aromatherapy is a great first option for a natural and safe alternative to other treatments. I always recommend it to my close friends when they inquire about easing symptoms of anxiety and panic that they are currently experiencing in their life. So, it doesn’t work for everyone but it is certainly worth a shot! One other point to consider is when using essential oils, make sure it is a fragrance that you find appealing. It wont be beneficial to work with an oil that you dislike, resulting in additional feelings of anxiety.

Tata Harper’s Irritability Treatment is a perfect blend of oils that work well to ease the feelings of irritability and tension. Like most Essential Oil blends, they don’t come cheap. However, you need only the smallest amount to experience the benefits of this potent blend. There is also a Bedtime Treatment available as well as a Stress Treatment that I am incredibly curious to try but it is a quite steep $90.

Tata Harper Aromatic Irritability Treatment $65

I picked mine up at a discounted price when it was featured on You can also get it online at and

Do you use Aromatherapy in your daily life? What are your favorite Essential Oils?