Mapleblume February Beauty Box

There’s a new premium beauty subscription service in town (well in Canada for now and available to the US this April) and it’s a good one! Meet Mapleblume*, a bi-monthly subscription service offering a grand selection of luxury skin care and cosmetics, with a nod to clean and green. Because Mapleblume wants to give you a good feel for a product, you can always expect up to five full-sized or deluxe samples (no one-time use samples here). Each box is seriously loaded to the brim with beauty products from some top-notch brands (check out their December box here). The lovely ladies behind Mapleblume subscribe to a tried-and-true philosophy by only including products that they truly adore.


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Teri Miyahira Beauty Box – June

Green beauty expert and YouTuber, Teri Miyahira, unveils a new monthly subscription beauty box* featuring her own line, Teri Miyahira Beauty. Teri works directly with laboratories and manufacturers in the curation of her own ‘limited edition’ line of skin care and cosmetics featured in each box. With a dedication to an all-natural and cruelty-free lifestyle, Teri creates all of her products using green and clean ingredients. Each months’ selection of products are unique to each other, guaranteeing a diverse selection of products.

“With a very unconventional business model of crossing limited-edition collections with a monthly membership service, TERI MIYAHIRA BEAUTY aims to create luxury all-natural and cruelty-free products for both those that are just starting to transition to green beauty, as well as for the natural aficionado who already appreciates clean ingredients and cruelty-free beauty, and doing so at the most affordable price possible.” – Teri Miyahira


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March’s Goodbeing Box and a Giveaway (closed)

Personally, I am a huge fan of monthly subscription services, particularly those that cater to my love for green beauty and healthy lifestyle. Subscription services like Goodbeing (formally Goodebox) allow you to discover and test-run products each month at a great value. I discovered my favorite face cleanser this way, along with other products that I would most likely never have come across. What makes the Goodbeing box unique, is that the product selection may vary each month in accordance to your personal profile, which you will fill out before subscribing. Onto the goodies…


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Quarterly Co. and ‘No More Dirty Looks’

‘No More Dirty Looks’ teamed up with Quartely Co. to bring you the “prettiest and most effective clean products on the market.” Quarterly Co. works along with influential contributors to curate a box of products that subscribers can receive quarterly. When I heard that the lovely ladies from the popular beauty and health blog “No More Dirty Looks” were providing such a service, I signed up right away!


For $25 you receive four very generous samples of clean beauty products from some of the best natural and organic brands. What makes this sampling service different from others, is not only the size of the samples, but that I am honestly pleased with every item I received. I cannot wait to put them all to great use.


What I got:

  • W3ll People Universalist 2 Multi-use Color Pot
  • One Love Organics Brand New Day
  • One Love Organics Morning Glory
  • Vivare Exfoliating Skin Cloth


The Universalist 2 from W3ll People is a Multi purpose cream color. This marvelous luminizer was chosen because it “brightens up your face subtly” without any “unwanted sparkle or glitter.” This product does exactly that and is ‘chock-full’ of natural and beneficial ingredients. It reminds me very much of my two other favorite highlighter, the RMS Living Luminizer and Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Creme. I will definitely be posting more about this one. It’s an absolutely gorgeous product!


A brand new to me is One Love Organics. Their Brand New Day is a powder that can be combined with water or other ingredients to create an exfoliating treatment or masque. It contains pineapple enzymes to help with exfoliation. I’m definitely looking forward to using this.


Another product from One Love Organics, Morning Glory is a Brightening Complexion Booster. This serum can be applied morning, midday, or night to “wake up your skin’s natural radiance.”


This special texurized Exfoliating Cloth from Vivare stimulates skin and blood circulation. This cloth is incredibly abrasive and the ladies from “No More Dirty Looks” have you forwarned. While I think some might be none-to-thrilled with this addition, I am quite delighted to use it. I use exfoliating gloves regularly and this cloth seems wonderful at getting at hard to reach places. I have yet to try it and I will certainly use a light hand.

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