Brighter, Smoother Eyes with Kahina Giving Beauty

I’m sure you’ve heard me rave about Kahina’s Prickly Pear Seed Oil time and again. High in amino acids, Vitamin K, essential fatty acids, this powerhouse ingredient performs miracles at brightening the under eye area. This truly transformational oil has given me mind-blowing results, and in a fairly short amount of time I’ve experienced its powers. Two new products from Kahina Giving Beauty lets us experience the wonders of their PPSO oil, now in an easy to apply rollerball format and again in their reformulated Eye Serum*.


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Kahina Giving Beauty Moroccan Beldi Soap & Kessa Mitt for the Most Intense Full-Body Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a key step for smooth, radiant and healthy skinDry brushing, salt and sugar scrubs, Konjac sponges – I love them all and use one of these exfoliating methods regularly. I was pretty sure my exfoliation game was on point thenexperienced the most intense full-body exfoliation of my life and my previous methods were put to shame. Kahina’s newly released Beldi soap and Kessa Mitt* duo have turned me into a new woman. I’m telling you, I’ve shed (whats must be) years of dead skin in one go.


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Balmy Brilliance – Kahina Fez Hand and Body Balm*

Kahina Giving Beauty unleashes an all-healing golden balm that magically erases all of our dry skin woes.

The Fez Hand and Body Balm* is a highly concentrated salve that contains mega doses of Kahina’s own ‘liquid gold’ argan oil, along with soothing and calming calendula, in a base of carrot seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil and mango nut butter.


The Fez Hand and Body Balm contains Kahina’s own signature Fez fragrance in ample doses. An intoxicating blend of essential oils, including rose, bergamot, ylang ylang, geranium, patchouli, sandalwood, clove, cumin and rosemary combine to create an aromatherapeutic experience that aids in relieving stress and calming nerves. Upon application, there is an almost warming sensation that soothes both the mind, and body instantaneously.

This overachieving moisturizer aims at healing, soothing, and calming weather-ravaged hands, as well as our driest bits (think elbows, heels, and knees). A little goes a long way, as it spreads with ease. It’s a seasonal must have, as dry skin doesn’t stand a chance against this brilliant balm.

As a hand moisturizer, this balm touches perfection. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave behind a dreaded sticky-palm situation. I’ve personally struggled with painful eczema on my hands. After only a few days of use, the Fez Hand and Body Balm completely cured my skin dilemma, as it immediately calmed the dreaded painful itch.

Kahina Fez Hand and Body Balm $48

  available at,


Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask

When Kahina Giving Beauty sent over a sample of their Antioxidant Mask for me to try, I’ll admit that I was already a big fan of the mask. I had received a generous sample of the product along with a purchase I made in early November. So when this mask arrived on my doorstep I was thrilled to say the least.

The Antioxidant Mask contains Kahina’s high quality organic Argan Oil along with rhassoul clay and extracts of pomegranate and acai. The combination of ingredients “detoxify by drawing out impurities at the deepest level, replacing them with trace minerals. Stimulate collagen production and improve skin strength and elasticity. Deliver potent antioxidants to fight free radical damage and reduce signs of aging. Gently exfoliates while leaving skin toned, smoother and more supple.”


The Antioxidant mask comes in Kahina’s signature violet glass packaging (an important element in helping to preserve the all-natural and organic ingredients). The multitasking mask works in minutes to instantly smooth, detoxify and soften the skin. Applied to pre-moistened skin, the mask is left on for a duration of 7-10 minutes. The mask does not harden and remains moist on the skin. The way in which you remove it, by gently buffing it away with dampened fingertips is one of my favorite elements of this mask. You can continue to remove the mask with water then apply your skin care. I actually sometimes choose to buff it away and then leave it on because my skin feels so comfortably moisturized.

The Antioxidant mask has the most delightful scent of natural botanicals and mint. The eucalyptus and mint ingredients gently provide the mask with a refreshing and rejuvenating feel that instantly perks up the complexion. The mask applies clear and because of this I found myself using much more than necessary at first. I have discovered only a small amount is necessary to be effective, about 1/4 teaspoon is sufficient.


The mask is a great multitasker with quick and easy results. Unlike other cleansing clay masks, Kahina’s Antioxidant Mask is not dying but quite the opposite, in fact it’s incredibly moisturizing. The mask contains small granules that effectively exfoliate the skin in the gentlest way as you remove it. After use, my skin feels cleansed, smoothed, plumped and intensly hydrated. Visually my skin looks glowing and more radiant. I use this mask 2-3 times a week and before an event. I know I can count on it for an instant boost.

The Antioxidant Mask is another exceptional product from the Kahina Line of skin care. The mask is a perfect fit for my skin and the results are clear. I will be replenishing my stock once I run out and I highly recommend it to any skin type. Those with sensitive skin might want to try before they buy because of the of eucalyptus and mint ingredients.

Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask $62 (here)

Have you tried anything from Kahina? What is your favorite clay mask?

Disclosure: This post contains product(s) provided by PR for my consideration of review. I am never provided with compensation for my reviews. All opinions expressed are my own and presented honestly and true to my own personal experience.

Dreamy Pick February 2013


Houglass Ambient Lighting Powder – I’ve recently reviewed this ‘hot item’ and have since been using it daily. This yellow-toned setting powder (not to be confused as a highlighter) leaves me with a naturally radiant finish while masking red-tones. (review)

Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask – Another product from Kahina featuring their precious Argan Oil along with rhassoul clay and antioxidants in a potent mask form.  The mask deeply cleanses, conditions and exfoliates skin. I have a review coming soon!

Kahina Giving Beauty Argan Oil – This product has been nothing short of a miracle to my dry skin. I have been hesitant to refer to myself as someone with dry skin since incorporating this oil into my daily routine. The oil absorbs quickly leaving my skin radiant and not in the least bit oily. There are also a million other ways in which I use it. (review)

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #8 ‘Pink in Confidence’ – It’s no secret I have a thing for YSL lipsticks, the Rouge Volupte formulas being one of my favorite. I love this nude-pink shade from their new ‘Shine’ range for every day. (review)

RMS Beauty Un Cover Up – This product has superior concealing capabilities and is chock-full of natural and organic ingredients. So while I can sometimes get away with using this to conceal my under-eye circles I usually require something a bit more potent. Personally my favorite way to use this is as a foundation on my down days or when I want to give my skin some extra TLC. It melts perfectly into the skin providing light coverage with the most natural finish. (review)

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Shadow in Amethyst – These shadow sticks create an easy smokey-look in just a couple of swipes. The lasting ability is quite exceptional and I am simply smitten with the shade Amethyst. (review)

What are some of your favorites this month?