Lorac Close Up Real Life to Red Carpet Pro Face Tutorial

The latest addition to the LORAC PRO Face Tutorial series features everything you need to create a natural day to dramatic night look. The kit contains 5 products, including a full-sized blush, full-sized mascara, mini eye shadow palette, full-sized lip gloss and a mini makeup primer. Also included is a two page tutorial on how to apply all products for a day time look or a dramatic nighttime look.


The Lorac Pro Face Tutorial Set Includes:

  • Mini Pro Palette with the shades Beige, Light Brown, Espresso
  • Travel-Size POREfection Mattifying Face Primer
  • PRO Mascara
  • Lip Lustre Lip Gloss in Peach Lustre
  • PRO Powder Cheek Stain in Rosy Glow

lorac-face-set-3This sweet mini PRO Palette contains a neutral trio of shades. If your familiar with the Lorac PRO quality, than you will know just how buttery soft and pigmented these shadows are. Beige is a shimmering champagne and perfect when used as a highlight, although does create some fallout. Light Brown is a neutral light brown and adds perfect dimension when added into the crease. Espresso is a dark brown which is rich enough to use as a liner and intensified when wet.

lorac-face-set-4The PRO Powder Cheek stain is loaded with pigment although blends beautifully. One swipe is really all it takes, while its lasting power is exceptional. Rosy Glow adds a gorgeous rosy flush to your complexion. A small amount of shimmer translates to skin as a radiant finish. I’m fairly certain that this is the beginning of a new blush formula crush.


For me, I don’t think that this gloss could be more perfect. The Lustre Lip Gloss in Peach Lustre is a beautiful peach shade with a stunning shimmer finish that creates a 3D effect. It’s a high-shine gloss that feels less sticky and more soft with a long wear time. Luckily the shimmer doesn’t travel beyond your lips. There is a slight gritty feel when you rub your lips together due to the high amount of shimmer. Without a doubt, the Lustre Lip Gloss is certainly a new favorite.


The PRO Mascara ia a thickening and lengthening, smudge-proof formula. The bulbous end is designed to coat lashes from root to tip. I find myself hesitant to bring the larger end closer to my eye. Lashes look longer and thicker with a lovely effect. The formula doesnt budge or smudge. My major qualm, as with all mascaras, is that it failed to hold my curl.

lorac-face-setheavily swatched

The LORAC Close Up Real Life to Red Carpet Face Tutorial is a great value at $42 (valued at $132)

I highly recommend this beautiful kit! I’ve created both a day and night look to follow.

Get yours at loraccosmetics.com

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Lip Gloss Perfection – Le Metiér de Beauté Lip Crème Gloss in Peche Creme

Le Metier de Beauté Lip Cremes are the new-found product of my obsession. I have heard many good things about the Lip Creme formula, Xiao from Messy Wands raves. The steep $36 price tag had made me quite apprehensive, although cosmetic curiosity soon got that best of me, as it always eventually does. I just picked up one, Peche Cremè, it was my birthday (month). The only problem is, now I want them all…

photo 1

The Lip Crèmes from Le Métier de Beauté are said to be a hybrid of a gloss and a lipstick. It contains intense emollients and antioxidants to soothe and nourish lips, along with long-lasting intense color.

The Lip creme’s have a doe-foot applicator, perfect for the formula’s application. A sweet vanilla scent, similar to NARS, is quite noticeable at first but soon fades to nothing. When I first tested the Crème I was disappointed to find nothing that leads me to perceive this product as a lipstick hybrid. It is a lip gloss only, at least Peche Cremè is, which is a sheer shade. I have seen other darker shades to contain far more pigment in online swatches. The gloss as it is, I can honestly say, is the most lovely that I have ever come across in formulation.

photo 1-2

Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme’s apply like any other gloss, about five minutes later is when the magic happens. The product transforms, providing a softening and plumping effect. I havent heard other’s refer to a plumping effect when using the Lip Cremes, however the results a clear. My lips are incredibly soft and full. The gloss wears very comfortably for a good 3-4 hours while providing intense hydration.

photo 2

Peche Crème is a soft peach with multi-color shimmer. The shimmer is not grainy in the least, but has an undetectable feel on the lips. The shade is perfect for a soft wash of color with a high shine.

photo 2-1

It is clear that I am absolutely smitten with the Lip Cremè formula. I can honestly say it is like nothing I have previously tried. The Lip Cremè is a must-try for even those indifferent to gloss formulas. This is a game changer!

Le Mertiér de Beauté Lip Crème $36 at nordstrom.com

Have you tried the Lip Cremés? I would love to hear your thoughts?

YSL Golden Gloss in #30 *New Years Kisses*

I have a great weakness for YSL’s line of lip products, you might know this if you have followed me for some time. The shades, formulas, and finishes never disappoint. The Rouge Volupté Range might be my ultimate favorite. I can’t quite wait for the new ‘Shine‘ lipsticks for 2013. Onto the Golden Glosses, they are the ultimate  for high shine and another favorite of mine.


The Golden Glosses from YSL contain real 24 carat gold flecks which create a mirror finish. It seems a bit excessive, I thought so myself, but I was quite taken back by the sparkle from the large golden flakes. My boyfriend is a big fan as well. Suspended in a high-shine formula the flecks of gold reflect the light and dazzle the eye, unlike other glosses. The gloss is a bit tacky which ultimately allows for longer wear. Once the gloss wears, it does leave a bit of a sandy feel although it is minor and not really a bother. It has the sweet scent of raspberries familiar to alot of the YSL lip products. In my personal opinion, I find the sparkle to be a bit too much for daytime, but perfect for a night out and New Year’s kisses.

ysl-golden-gloss-30-2 YSL Golden Gloss in #30 (Golden Satin)

Golden Satin #30 is a light peachy-pink. This shade is a bit more sheer, gorgeous on its own or layered over a lipstick. Photographs can’t quite capture just how stunning this gloss is and the way it plays with light. I do highly recommend seeing it for yourself in person.


YSL Golden Gloss $30 here

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Happy New Years Kisses!

Becca Ultimate Color Gloss in Fallen Angel

Becca Ultimate Color Glosses impart bold color and high shine. I picked up the newly released Fallen Angel along with their Ultimate Eye Quad in Night Star (see it here too). The Ultimate glosses provide full-on color without any tacky feel. They cover lips in one swipe giving you an even finish. What I especially loved is the long-wear time. Fallen Angel gave me several hours of wear without requiring any touch-ups. The gloss has a delightful vanilla scent.

Fallen Angel is described as a “nude spice” and is a gorgeous, wearable nude. This shade was released with their ‘Smoke & Grace’ collection and is the perfect accompaniment to a smokey-eye look. The formula is simply divine and along with its long-lasting formula, it is lip gloss at it’s finest!  The ultimate color glosses come in a variety of 10-shades. I adore this gloss and will most definitely be seeking out some other shades for myself. For the ‘lip gloss lovers’ out there this is one to try!

Get it here.

Have you tried Becca’s Ultimate Color Glosses?

OCC Lip Tar in Queen

The Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics brand’s Lip Tars are truly unique and unlike any other lip product out there. These Lip Tars are an intensely pigmented liquid lipstick. They are not a gloss nor a lipstick, they are rather in a category all on its own. I would say for that for any ‘beauty enthusiast’ out there, this is a must try. OCC Lip Tar’s are 100% vegan and cruelty-free. They contain beneficial ingredients such as Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E.

OCC Lip Tar’s are richly pigmented while the smallest amount goes a very long way. Using too much can get quite messy and stain. I suggest to use less than you think you need and be weary about getting it onto clothing. When working with this product it is necessary to use a brush for precise application. The liquid consistency blends easily and covers beautifully without any bleeding. The Lip Tars dry to a satin finish that gives you hours of wear. The peppermint oil is lovely and not overwhelming in the least.

OCC Lip Tars come in a variety of 40 shades. Some of these are not your traditional lip shades howver, if that isnt your style I suggest that you don’t pass them up just yet. Lip Tars can certainly be worn alone but are made to be blended to create your own custom colors. For the lipstick lover’s out there this is quite revolutionary. You can mix them and store them in a custom pot, or blend them right on your lips. There are video’s dedicated to just this on YouTube. Once I had a lucky opportunity to have a Prescriptives make up artist blend me my own very personalized shade of lipstick. I desired a nude shade and was caught off guard when the MUA added black, yellow and blue shades only to come out with the loveliest shade of nude. I hardly used that lipstick for fear of it running out.

Lip Tars previously came in packaging that featured a flat angled lip-applicater. The packaging has since been upgraded to a smaller squeeze tube version which makes more sense as well helping to keep product neat. OCC Lip Tars have recently been released at Sephora, and now include a lip brush and come in a plastic pouch, I highly suggest you try them for yourselves. 

OCC Lip Tar in Queen (with flash)wearing OCC Lip Tar in Queen (no flash)

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar $16 sephora.com or here

Have you tried the Lip Tars?

‘Orange Lips’ with Ellis Faas Milky Lips

Ellis Faas Milk Lips are  highly pigmented liquid lipsticks with a brush-tip applicator. “All shades are “human colors” meaning that they’re inspired by the colors that by nature already exist in the human body and are therefore suitable for all skin tones.”

On a recent hunt for an orange lipstick I had come up short, later to discover this Ellis Faas lip product amidst my Glossybox monthly samples. A great shade of orange lipstick, I have discovered, is not easy to come by, especially by someone of my coloring. I found them to be either to bright or just uncomplimentary to the pink tones in my skin. So maybe Ellis Faas is onto something in their use of “human colors” because this is the orange I never came across. This burnt orange shade is totally wearable.

It took a relentless amount of clicks to get this product going, and once it flowed it was difficult to control the amount released. The sleek silver ‘bullet style’ packaging is very cool and modern. This lipstick can be layered, from the effects of a stain to a full coverage lipstick, and works well to do this. The formula was deliciously creamy and light, and has a long wear time. Liquid lipstick is a perfect description of its consistency. My lips stayed moist for hours with beautiful bold color. However, I found a huge flaw in application. Product is dispersed through the center of the brush and streaks in application. The brush is firm and it is nearly impossible to blend this lipstick evenly to lips. I opted for a lip brush and my finger to apply. Once I tackled the application I loved the lipstick.

 Ellis Faas Milky Lips in L204 – Burnt Orange

Ellis Faas Milky Lips $35 at sephora.com

Have you tried any Ellis Fass lip products? Any thoughts?