Forager Botanicals Fragrances and Body Oils

Forager Botanicals’ line of all-natural beauty products and fragrances are all luxe with none of the nasties. When brand proprietor, Casey Coyle, found herself overwhelmed by the offensive scents of synthetic ingredients in mainstream perfume (while pregnant with her daughter) Forager Botanicals was thus born. Handcrafted in small batches in Brooklyn, NY, Forager Botanicals harnesses all the beauty and power of nature in their products. This divinely crafted line is a sure stand-out and a must know for the natural and non-toxic aficionado, or really any beauty lover. 

Many of todays mainstream fragrances and beauty products are scented with synthetic chemical compounds. There is little known about what effects these chemicals may have on your body. That’s why all of Forager Botanical perfumes are 100% natural. We use only natural, organic and wildcrafted essential oils in all of our products. Our beautifully crafted fragrances are designed to closely embody the scents that mother nature has bestowed on us. We use only the finest ingredients and oils to create fragrances that are completely natural yet truly luxurious.


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Lurk Perfume Oil BS003 – ‘Pure’ Luxury Fragrance

It wasn’t until my journey into the world of green beauty that I discovered a true love for fragrance. When I finally understood my aversion to synthetics fragrance, and began to explore natural options, my love affair began.

Did you know that because fragrance is considered a “trade secret” it is not required by law to list the ingredients? What these “ingredients” could potentially contain is hundreds of synthetic chemicals or petrochemicals. So, in a world with little to no legal regulation on fragrance, Lurk is helping to redefine our view of luxury perfumes. By upholding themselves to the their own personal high standards, Lurk formulates their fragrances to ensure the safest and purest products possible. Now that is sexy!


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The Exotic and Intoxicating FEZ Perfume Oil from Kahina Giving Beauty

My favorite Fall fragrances feature warm spicy notes that complement this rather sensory season. Just as a chill settles in the air, Kahina Giving Beauty unleashes their long-awaited FEZ Perfume Oil*, the fragrance equivalent of a hot cup of tea. This ethereal blend first made its debut when infused into Kahina’s beloved Body Serum, and then soon made a second appearance in their Hand and Body Balm. True story, I used to carry around a small vial of the body oil in my purse to refresh its fragrance throughout the day. A perfume release was expected and I am so pleased that it has finally made its debut.


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Summer Fragrances for the Finicky

Does the very idea of just sitting next to someone doused in department store fragrances cause you immediate feelings of revulsion? Do you rip fragrance ads out of a magazine before you flip though them?

In the past, fragrances and I were not a great mix. While I could, at times, appreciate a fragrance on others, once I doused myself with the same blend I was met with feelings of nausea and anxiety. Sampling fragrances was never an enjoyable experience for me. Just a light spritz of a mainstream perfume, that had for a moment caught my curiosity, had me hightailing it to the nearest sink to vehemently scrub away every last remaining odor. I had desperately wanted to find my signature scent, but years of perusing the aisles of Sephora led me nowhere. It wasn’t until I discovered cleaner fragrances (free of parabens, alcohol, sulfates and phthalates) that I realized that not only could I tolerate fragrances, but I could experience feelings of joy and peace when wearing them. I also found that I could enjoy a whole plethora of different notes and blends.

If you’re like me and find yourself finicky with fragrances, I have a few recommendations that will have you finally falling in love with perfume.


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Leahlani Skincare Encapsulates the Spirit and Soul of Hawaii

Leahlani Skincare encapsulates the spirit and soul of Hawaii in their line of all natural and organic skin care. Each product is hand-crafted from locally sourced ingredients and infused with the scents and flavors of Hawaii. Creator and aesthetician, Leah Klasovsky, created her natural line of skin care to personally treat her own skin concerns. After receiving astounding results from her own creations, Leahlani Skincare was thus born.

“The intention that I put into my line is that you will truly fall in love with your skincare ritual, that you begin and end your day with a little aloha and the best of intentions.” – Leah Klasovsky


In the Mahana Organic Coco Infusion*, pure unrefined coconut oil, cold pressed organic macadamia oil , kukui nut oil, and sea buckthorn oil are combined to create this multi-tasking head-to-toe body moisturizer. This amped up coconut oil infusion is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, and contains Leahlani’s signature ‘Mahana’ fragrance (a blend of coconut cream and vanilla). Simply apply it anywhere moisture is needed and bask in its tropical essence. Use it on the hair as an overnight mask, pre-shampoo treatment, or before styling to tame frizz and deeply condition. Apply to legs in the shower to protect your skin from shaving, and afterwards onto damp skin as a body moisturizer. The Infusion is a beach-bag essential to nourish skin and hair, before and after sun exposure.


In addition to skin care, Leahlani offers a line of exotic fragrances, each blended in an organic jojoba oil base. With five enticing perfume oil offerings, it may be hard to choose just one. The perfume oils come packaged in a glass bottle and features a rollerball application. A little goes a long way, and the fragrances linger all day. Leah’s favorite application method is to apply the oil to palms, and then to rake your fingers to your hair.

Pua Lei* is a gorgeous blend of the Hawaiian puakenikeni flower (popularly used in the traditional Hawaiian Lei) and tuberose. The combination is a sweet, clean and soft floral fragrance, that invokes blissful memories of sunshine and summer. It reminds me of my first true fragrance love, Pure Grace from Philosophy.

Mahana*, as featured in the Coco Infusion, is the pure essence of a tropical vacation. The coconut and vanilla fragrance combination will surely transport to the beach.

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*sample generously provided