The RMS Beauty Master Mixer adds “The Midas Touch”

RMS Beauty, the industry standard for creating a dewy complexion, unleashes their Master Mixer and its far more exquisite than I could have imagined. The new Master Mixer is like a sister to the cult-favorite Living Luminizer, but in a warm toned rose-gold shade. This multi-tasking pot of gold adds a “midas touch” to your existing makeup palette.


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My Bluemercury Top Picks and a $50 Gift Card Giveaway

If navigating through the makeup displays at your local department stores strikes you as a bit overwhelming – the extensive offerings, the excitable salespeople anxious to sell you something, anything really, don’t dismay. This is where the luxury beauty and spa retailer, Bluemercury comes in. Bluemercury is more of a curated boutique, carrying a finely tuned selection of your favorite department store brands and more, while offering customers expert advise sans the “pitch”. Bluemercury additionally carries some of my favorite niche green beauty brands, including Odacité, Tammy Fender, and RMS. 

Check out some of my Bluemercury top picks and keep on reading to see how to enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card!


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Valentine’s Day Beauty

The concept of Valentine’s Day and the history of such a holiday is logically a bit silly to me. Love and romance should certainly be exercised on the regular and not on a day when the price of a rose is double. Now, with that being said I must admit that I cannot help but be swept up in the idea of a little added tlc. I might put a little more time into my routine, have a go at cooking dinner, or leave a silly little note for my loved one.

Now that I have affirmed just how crazy I am about Valentines Day, I share with you some suggestions for making your day just a little more special. Don’t forget to show yourself some love with a little extra pampering.


the mood:

  • Lingerie can definitely be a bit intimidating. A one-piece romper or teddy is one of the most flattering pieces to most body types. This one from the gorgeous line Zinke can be doubled as a cami under a blazer.
  • I’m a big believer in the benefits of aromatherapy. Enhance romantic moments with Essence of Vali’s Passion mist. Or try an oral Flower Elixer from Lotus Wei in Infinite Love.
  • Leave your loved one some sweet notes with a red hear-shaped Post-it.

the beauty:

  • Make your skin incredibly smooth with a good scrub. Try this rose scented one from Ren. Get rid of dry skin on your lips and make them kissably soft with Fresh’s Sugar Lip Polish.
  • Everyone looks better with a tan. It will also help boost your confidence and make you feel sexier. I absolutely love Tarte’s Brazziliance Self-tanner. Also add a head-to-toe gleam with shimmering dry oil like this one from Nuxe.
  • Keep you beauty simple with a natural and glowing cream blush. This one from RMS doubles as a lip color and will last. Add some highlight to your brow bones, cheekbones, and to the bow of your lip. I love this super natural looking one from W3LL People.
  • Keep hair soft and touchable. Add waves to with a curling wand and add some volume with Oribe Texturizing Spray.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

RMS “un” cover-up as a foundation

RMS “un” cover-up is an all natural and organic concealer. I wrote about it previously as a cover-up. The “un” cover-up was created to be used an all-over face foundation as well. I created this additional post to show you how I use this product as a foundation and to show you the results that you can expect.

Perhaps because coconut oil is the first ingredient in RMS’ “un” cover-up, it melts beautifully into the skin. It is easy to blend and provides light coverage while concealing skin-imperfections. When I use this as a foundation I don’t feel concerned for my skin. I know that while I am covering and concealing I am also providing my skin with natural and healthy nourishment. The “un” cover-up is especially wonderful for those with dry skin, I find it very moisturizing.

When using the “un” cover up as a foundation, I first mist my skin with a moisture mist, my current favorite is this one from Sanitas. However, this product will blend whether or not your skin is pre-moistened. I then place some concealer onto one area of my face at a time with my fingertips. With a lightly moistened compact foundation sponge I blend the product into my skin using a light rolling/dabbing motion. I continue this all over the rest of my face. I layer extra product, using my finger, where more coverage is needed. (this is all that I have done in the image below) You can see that the concealer provided a very natural all-over look with a radiant finish. It also concealed a small pimple I had on my cheek rather well.

To set the “un” cover-up, I used a translucent loose setting powder, like this one from Laura Mercier. I then sprayed my face again with the Sanita’s moisture spray to melt the powder and bring back the luminous finish. This product is very creamy and I find that it does not set like a liquid foundation would. I find that I have to use more powder to rid of any remaining tackiness. The only thing I disliked about this product is the weight it seemed to carry on my skin. Otherwise the end result is quite stunning. I personally opt to use this foundation on my days off to treat my skin and to give it a break.

Have you tried the “un” cover-up?

RMS “un” cover-up

RMS “un” cover-up is “formulated to reveal and enhance healthy skin. “ This creamy, hydrating concealer provides nourishment to the skin while concealing imperfections. It can be used to cover  the under-eye area, dark marks, and blemishes or used all over as a foundation. Due to its creaminess, it provides a dewy, radiant appearance while not settling into fine lines. The finished look is incredibly natural. The “un” cover-up won Allure’s “Best of Beauty” award for ‘natural wonder’ two years in a row as a natural concealer.

The “un cover-up” contains all natural and certified ingredients. RMS creator Rose-Marie Swift has an incredible philosophy towards beauty and cosmetics, sourcing only the highest quality ingredients and taking “extreme care in the use of minimal heat in the manufacturing process of this product in order to keep all nutrients and healing properties alive.” This is why you are going to have to drop $36 for this product if you want it. These ingredients are:

cocos nucifera (coconut) oil*,
ricinus communis (castor) seed oil*,
cera alba (beeswax)*,
theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter*,
simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*,
tocopherol (non-gmo),
rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary) extract*

I picked up #22 for light-medium skin with warm, olive, or neutral undertones. Upon first impressions I was quite certain that #22 was going to be far to dark for my skin tone especially considering the intention of using this product mainly as an under-eye concealer. However, after applying, it seemed to blend rather well under my eye area, matching the rest of my face quite flawlessly. The creamy consistency blended beautifully without any dragging. I used a concealer brush then pat the area with my fingertips to thoroughly blend. There was no settling into the creases under my eye area.

My under-eye circles are a bit of a stressor for me. My dark circles require a full-coverage concealer. While the un-cover up provided exceptional coverage, it was not quite ample enough for my requirements. Ultimately, I highly recommend this concealer to those who don’t have similar needs to mine. I think this concealer would suite the average persons needs very well. The consistency, as well as it’s and beneficial ingredients are the tops for your everyday concealer.

Despite my reservations, I tested this product as a foundation. I was beyond impressed with it versatile performance. After moisturizing skin, and before applying the “un cover-up”, I moistened my skin with a mist (RMS  un cover-up doesn’t require pre-moisturized skin). I dabbed the concealer using my fingers onto areas of my face. I then continued to blend the product using a compact foundation sponge. I was fascinated by the way this product blended seamlessly into my skin, matching perfectly to my skin-tone. The end result was flawless and exceptionally radiant with a highly-natural look. I hadn’t anticipated such a fabulous blending capability with a “concealer-like” formulation. The product did however carry a bit of weight on my skin.

I can imagine using this as a luminizer as well, incorporating it into my highlight/contour routine. It is also fabulous to drop in your purse for touch-ups.

I provided before and after photo’s to help show the pigmentation issues that I have. I am wearing only mascara in the before photo, and RMS “un” cover-up and mascara in the after photo. I applied the cover-up under my eye area and in the inner corner of my eye blending slightly on to my lid. The “un” cover-up did a beautiful job, but their still remains some discoloration that I wish to further disguise.

I highly recommend RMS “un” cover-up to those who wish to conceal light to moderate dark circles, light skin discolorations and acne, or to those seeking a natural makeup with medium coverage.