Dreamy Picks October 2013

Happy Halloween lovelies…

Halloween is a holiday that I personally can’t get into. So, instead I am posting my October Favorites. A combination of new loves, as well as some old reliable products have been making regular appearances in my routine this month. The cold has come to stay, making my skin drier than usual. That, along with a recent bout of eczema has made me reach for skin-soothing balms and oils.


Kahina Argan Oil performs miracles on dry skin. I’m grateful for this oil and use it head-to-toe. (review)

Weleda Skin Food is an oldie but a goodie. This is what I have been using to treat my eczema. It’s mixture of natural botanicals work well to calm and soothe irritated skin. (review)

RMS Buriti Bronzer has been giving me a natural bronzed glow long after summer has gone. This skin healthy makeup has been my go-to, alone, with under eye cover-up while my skin heals. (review)

Ellovi Butter is an incredible all-natural moisturizer. As seen in my recent review.

Chanel Taboo is an exquisite shade for fall. The invisible shimmer is irresistible. (review)

Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil & Makeup Remover – Its a mouthful, but cleansers don’t get any better than this non-drying and exfoliating oil. A cold season must! (review)

ROHTO ICE Eye Drops soothe my itchy, allergy-induced red eyes. I will warn you that it feels as though your pouring peppermint oil into your eyes, which I have grown to enjoy.

What’s on your list of monthly favorites?

A Flawless and Radiant Complexion with YSL Teint Radiance Foundation

YSL Teint Radiance Foundation is a light diffusing foundation that provides your complexion with a flawless radiance. This “glow-enhancing” formula contains hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin, along with an SPF of 20.


A long time favorite, the YSL Teint Radiance Foundation gives a luminous, natural glow to the skin. The silky texture blends flawlessly into skin leaving an undetectable satin finish just as a great foundation should. Teint Radiance wears comfortably with a virtuously weightless feel. So, while your skin looks radiant, it isn’t due to an excess amount of oils in the formula. This one wears incredibly well and won’t have you powdering down on the hour as other luminous formulas might. I would consider it as an option for any skin type.


I apply the Teint Radiance using the Real Techniques Stippling brush and powder it down using the Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder. I am featuring shade #7 (golden beige) which is a darker shade I wear with a subtle tan.


 (wearing #7 and Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer in Medium on my face only)

YSL Teint Radiance $48

at yslbeautyus.com


Tips & Tricks – Supermodel Legs

Follow this trick to achieve flawless summer legs. Make your skin glow and lengthen your legs while hiding slight imperfections. You will look ready to strut the Victoria’s Secret runways

What you need:

  • coconut oil (I used this gardenia scented one from the french brand Monoi Tiki, the scent is delectable for summer. You can get it at Vitacost.com)
  • foundation (choose a deeper tone)
  • loose shimmer (use a peach shimmer for lighter skin-tones and a gold shimmer for darker skin-tones, avoid white/pearl tones to avoid looking ashy, this is a sample I had from The All Natural Face, check out loose eye shadow’s from OCC, MAKE UP FOR EVER, and NYX)

In the palm of your hand mix a tablespoon amount of coconut oil, two pumps of foundation, and your desired amount of shimmer. I dipped my ring finger in the loose shimmer to grab just a small amount, avoid shaking the shimmer into your palm to control the amount used. Simply rub the mixture onto the entire length of your legs. I would let the mixture dry into the skin for a bit before dressing and heading out into the heat. Follow these steps for summer-ready legs.

Will you be trying this trick?

Self-Tanning Essentials

The only two products you need to keep you tan all summer long. No Fancy tanner’s or scrubs needed, these are my favorite’s.

Jergens Natural Glow Express is an excellent self-tanner that give you a believable tan in 4 hours. It come’s in two shades light and medium. Here.

Bath and Shower gloves for exfoliating skin. Available at drug stores.

How-to & Tips:

– Before you tan, exfoliate in the shower with bath and shower gloves concentrating on extra dry areas, such as tops of feet, elbows and knees. Use a moisturizing soap or shower gel free of oils.

– Towel dry skin and apply Jergens Natural Glow Express evenly from head to toe including face. Apply a lighter application on areas of body prone to dryness.

– To help dry areas of body to have seemless application I apply a heavy moisturizer immediately afterwards to tops of feet, elbows, knees, and area behind the knees.

– Reapply tanning moisturizer daily until you have reached your desired intensity.

– Avoid getting on clothing. Wait till moisturizer is fairly dry before dressing. I choose to do this in the evenings.

– Wash hands after application. To tan hands I apply a heavy moisturizer to skin before applying the self-tanner. With a damp towel wipe nail beds as the tanner can accumulate there leaving the skin around your nails dirty looking.

– Avoid contact with water until tanner is completely dry! A droplet of water will leave a visible mark on the skin. No sweating!

– Repeat every 5-7 days.

I hope this has helped you. I have been self-tanning for over 13 years (wow) and have developed this perfected method. If you havent gotten on the self-tanning boat it’s time to get on board. Don’t be afraid, try a lighter shade at first if your are fearful. Save your skin by self-tanning now and try to avoid sun bathing. Always use an SPF, you will thank yourself years from now. I stopped sun-bathing at 18 and am thankful that I have chosen to do so. I can see a remarkable difference between my skin and other women my age who were sun worshipers and lathered themselves in oils. I love the beach, but I make sure to use the highest SPF available and remember to reapply often. Trust me it’s not worth it.

Be safe now and stay beautiful! Please leave any thoughts or questions.