The Ultimate Summer Glow with Maya Chia

Maya Chia’s radiant new releases create the ultimate summer glow from head-to-toe in ultra flattering rose-gold tones. Picture your complexion at sunset, the warm pink and golden rays of the late afternoon sun – well Maya Chia has essentially captured that light and bottled it up in their new Highlight of the Day Illuminating Body Serum* and Highlight of the Day Illuminating Face Serum Makeup*.  Going far beyond their illuminating qualities, these serums feature a fully loaded cocktail of powerful and active ingredients for healthy skin.

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Mapleblume February Beauty Box

There’s a new premium beauty subscription service in town (well in Canada for now and available to the US this April) and it’s a good one! Meet Mapleblume*, a bi-monthly subscription service offering a grand selection of luxury skin care and cosmetics, with a nod to clean and green. Because Mapleblume wants to give you a good feel for a product, you can always expect up to five full-sized or deluxe samples (no one-time use samples here). Each box is seriously loaded to the brim with beauty products from some top-notch brands (check out their December box here). The lovely ladies behind Mapleblume subscribe to a tried-and-true philosophy by only including products that they truly adore.


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Boxwalla’s October Green Beauty Box*

Discover great artists and artisans from all over the world with Boxwalla. This subscription service allows you to explore a bimonthly selection of curated products in four different categories, including Artisanal Food, International Film, Literature and Green Beauty. You may subscribe to one interest, or hop around to explore other categories if you please.

I have the October Green Beauty Box to share, and its pretty amazing!


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Maya Chia Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil – Superfood for the Skin

Chia is said to be the “richest known plant source of omegas, antioxidants and minerals,” so it’s no wonder why the brand, Maya Chia, has created a skin care range around this omega-rich superfood. Using their own patented process of extraction called supercritical extraction, Maya Chia ensures the cleanest extraction of their chia oil – resulting in the purest, most stable and potent chia oil on the market. Maya Chia’s Supercritical Omega-3 Chia Face Oil* is a wondrously intense skin hydrator that is suitable for all seasons and all skin types, even sensitive.


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Beauty from the Inside Out – Moon Juice Beauty Dust

They say, “beauty starts from the inside out” and that “our skin is an outer reflection of our inner health.” There is no attesting the idea that when we feel good, we look good. Nourishing our bodies with good, clean food keeps us feeling our best and in turn will reflect outwards. As an advocate for clean eating, I can acclaim to the effects food has on our appearance. If I slip up, I can certainly feel it, as well as see it. The idea of a supplement that works internally to enhance our outer beauty, like Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust has a certain appeal to me, but certainly not without reservation. After incorporating the Dust for a few months, I’m kind of psyched at my results…


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5 things this week…

Late last week, I headed out to enjoy some much needed time away. Falling into a slower pace, which I have to say was quite hard to shake once I had returned. Most of my days were spent at the beach soaking up sun and swimming in the Atlantic. I ate the freshest seafood and locally grown produce in abundance.

 look at all those smiling faces

local produce 

my weekend getaway makeup routine

 -unrelated- nail polish storage (great way to add colorto a space!)

new skincare -loving-

Hope you all had a lovely week! 

Monthly Favorite’s – April

My favorite products of April

It’s hard to believe that it is time again for my monthly favorite’s post. The item’s listed are products that I have been loving and religiously using this past month.

  • Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser – I love this cleanser, it is so gentle yet removes all traces of waterproof mascara. See my review here.
  • Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil – I love this oil, it provides incredible moisture and will not cause breakouts. See my review here.
  • Dyptique Eau Duelle – I am very sensitive to fragrances, and often find them irritating, so for me to adore a fragrance a lot. See my review here.
  • Too Faced Eyeshadow in Petals to the Metal – A bronze shade with blue shimmer. This is one of my favorite eyeshadows. The color is truly unique and makes my eye color pop. Review and swatches to come.
  • Moroccanoil – This will always be a favorite of mine. This is the best hair oil without question.
  • Bobbi Brown Blush in Almond – I love wearing this toasted almond color to bring out tanned skin. See my review here.
  • John Masters Organic Scalp Treatment spray – My hair has been healthier since I incorporated this product into my beauty routine. See my review here.
  • Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Lament – Love this coral color. See swatches here.
  • Essie Nail Polish in A Crewed Interest – A great pale peach. See swatch here.

What products have stood out to you this month?