YSL Vert D’orient (36) La Laque Couture Nail Laquer – Swatches & Review

YSL Vert D’orient La Laque Nail Laquer is a one of three shades released in the Summer 2013 Collection. I’m big on green and teal polishes, although I have held off for a while since its release. I think my turning point was when Teri from Bella Chique dazzled me with her imagery of Vert D’orient. I have since picked it up and introduced myself into he world of YSL’s Nail Laquer, yet another product in the YSL line that does not disappoint!


The YSL Nail Laquer formula creates a perfect mani with the greatest of ease. The formula’s consistency is perfect. It glides on nails without ever pooling into your nail beds, thus requiring absolutely no clean-up. The YSL Nail Laquer has a wide and flat brush similar to Dior, though not tapered on the sides. Personally, this brush worked better for me as someone with larger nail beds. Those with more petite nail beds might prefer the brush on the Dior. Nonetheless, the formula is exquisite and along with the brush I can honestly deem this one my favorite formula.


Vert D’Orient is a green/teal with a creme finish. Vert seems to carry more blue tones or more green tones depending on the lighting. I don’t find the shade that unusual and it might certainly be dupable. However that formula is not! Vert D’orient had a long wear time without chipping. The YSL formula is absolutely one to try. I also recommend it to those who struggle with a shaky hand, it seems to do the work for you.


YSL Vert D’orient La Laque Nail Laquer $25 (nordstom.com)