The Skinny on Dry Brushing

My pamper sesh includes a new favorite indulgence and it’s called dry brushing. While I’m sure many of you have heard of it, those of you who haven’t must get in the know. It includes a dry scratchy brush and a few minutes before showering to gain its numerous benefits. While that might not sound attractive initially, once you get the hang of it, the practice is surely addictive.



  • Helps to remove metabolic waste in the body by increasing circulation. 
  • Assists in improving lymphatic drainage to remove toxins trapped in the skin. Removing these toxins help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.
  • Helps to unclog pores and remove dead skin cells encouraging cell renewal.
  • Ultimately leaves the skin smoother, more radiant and better able to absorb nutrients.
  • Helps reduce razor bumps.
  • Strengthens the immune system by accelerating the clearing of toxins.

 How To:

  • Dry brushing is always performed with a dry brush, on dry skin, right before you shower. (your brush should be made of natural bristles)
  • Starting at your feet, always work your way up towards the heart.
  • Use quick circular motions then long, sweeping strokes.
  • From your legs, work your way to your hands and up your arms. Again, always towards the heart.
  • Perform gentle, circular motions on your stomach and up towards your chest (be extra gentle here).
  • Lastly, brush upward from your lower back to middle and from neck down (a brush with a handle helps here).


Initially the sensation of the rough bristled brush against my skin felt all too harsh. I found that as I started off with a very light hand, I was soon able to apply more pressure in time. After about a week or so, as my skin got used to the practice and it became a very pleasurable experience. My body became warm and I felt incredibly energized and renewed. Followed up by a warm shower and a helping of my favorite body oil, the experience is utter bliss. After over a month or so, I have seen a definite improvement in my skins texture. The areas of cellulite have definitely diminished and appear more toned. I am certainly a believer.

The Best Brush 


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Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop

Clinique’s new Cheek Pop blushes are simply irresistible with their Gerbera Daisy  embossed flower detail and vibrant hues. Oh… the blush aint to bad either. A quick swipe in passing stopped me in my tracts and had me doing a foot shuffle back to the display.


What instantly grabbed my attention was their smooth texture and its unique radiance. The formula is creamy, almost gel-like and not in the least bit ‘powdery’. The blush is dense and takes some effort to pick up, but is all the while worth it in the end.

c-peach-pop-2While vibrant in its compact, the blush leaves a sheer veil of color that easily layers for intensity.  The Cheek Pops melt into the skin and contains the loveliest glowy sheen. Clinique Cheek Pops are a perfect release this summer for a pop of luminous color.


 several swipes of Peach Pop


 Clinique Cheek Pop Blush in Peach Pop $21,


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Skin Care Routine Roundup III

Since my last skin care roundup post I’ve discovered some new and incredible products. Also as a skin care fanatic, I am always testing some recently acquired additions. One huge standout these past couple of months is the S.W. Basics Toner. This products alone has completely cured a nasty bout of Seborrheic Dermatitis that I was dealing with. Another favorite is the Shea Terra Cleanser which continues to keep me blemish-free.



cleanse – Shea Terra Argan Oil & Acacia Honey Facial Wash (review)

tone – Gressa Rejuvenating Mist (review)

oil/serum – MVO Pacific Facial Oil (testing)

cream – Dr. Alkaitis Night Cream

eye cream – Arcona Eye Serum (new and loving)

+ Kahina Argan Oil if needed (review)


makeup remover – Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Cleansing Oil (review)

cleanse - Wedderspoon Manuka Honey or Shea Terra Cleanser (using clarisonic)

tone – S.W. Basics Toner (review to follow)

serum/oil – RMS Beauty Oil (not pictured)

cream – Dr. Alkaitis Night Cream and Kahina Argan Oil (if needed)

eye – Arcona Eye Serum


  • Shea Terra Organics Rosemary & Herb Facial Steam
  • Osmia Organics Detox Exfoliating Mask (review)
  • Gressa Dirty Pretty Things (review)
  • One Love Organics Brand New Day
  • Kahina Giving Beauty Antioxidant Mask (review)
  • Wedderspoon Organic Manuka Honey Active 16+

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Let Celebrate Spring with New Beauty!

Today marks the first day of Spring! It also just so happens to be the International Day of Happiness! Do you know what makes me happy? Spring… and makeup. So, what better way to acknowledge the day than a lovely selection of new Spring beauty. Here’s what I’ve been eyeing.


  1. JINSOON Nail Lacquer in Dolly Pink is not a shade that I would usually be drawn to, but I find myself suddenly craving feminine hues. This cotton candy pink from JINSOON awoke the little girl inside me. $18 (
  2. Tom Ford Nail Lacquer in Coral Beach looks like the perfect coral shade to pair with a summer tan. I might be getting ahead of myself, it’s only just Spring. I do find myself still lusting over the collection, even after picking up Incandescent Nail Lacquer and Pink Dune Lip Color Sheer. $32 (
  3. Dior Le Vernis Nail Enamel in 192 Pampille is a beautifully sheer and shimmering milky-white aqua shade. Its a lovely alternative to your classic sheer nudes. $24 (
  4. By Terry Cellularose Blush Glacé in Rose Melba smoothes the complexion and offers a sheer, flush of color. This new beauty has my attention and I’ll be seeking it out in due time. $58 (
  5. RMS Beauty Mascara was recently released from the natural and organic line. With a name like RMS, I have high hopes for this green mascara. My fingers are crossed that this one can hold a curl while keeping it easy on my sensitive eyes. $28 (
  6. Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick had me instantly intrigued. I can’t wait to get my paws on this new release that promises “the power of a stain, the intense color of a lipstick, and the shine of a gloss.” I’ll take one in Melted Peony please. $21 (
  7. Givenchy Le Prismissime Euphoric Pink Lip & Cheek Palette, I mean c’mon Givenchy! This Palette might complete my makeup collection… ok maybe not. This one palette, with nine extraordinary shades for both lips and cheeks has me smitten. $69 (
  8. By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Lumi-Serum is a color correcting radiance elixir from the beautiful By Terry. Apricot Glow sounds like a perfectly luminous shade to take me from Winter to Spring. $89 (
  9. Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation SPF 15 is one of the products in the new line of cosmetics from the cult skin care line. I will be needing to sample the new line, but of course. $60 (
  10. Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Foundation says to offer the coverage of a foundation with a “beautifying texture.” Other words I found intriguing… “instant touch of summer”,“natural ingredients which counter the visible effects of fatigue”, “reviving dull skin for an even complexion”. As a huge fan of the Guerlain brand, I will need to investigate further. $53 (
  11. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushes are already a cult favorite amidst the beauty world. I quickly swapped up Dim Infusion and have only the best reviews. The Ambient Blushes are sure worth seeking out. $35 (

 What new Spring releases have caught your attention? Have you tried any of the products mentioned here? I would love to hear your thoughts?

Happy Spring Dreamers!

Disclosure: All links are strictly available for your convenience.

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NARS Matte Multiple in Altai

The popular Multiples from NARS are now available in a matte version and its about time. I wasn’t a big fan of the original multiples and their heavy shimmer. The sticks were alright for the eyes but not something I would put anywhere on my face. So, the sound of a new Matte version had me intrigued. Not to mention, three of the seven newly released shades held promise as a creamy bronze contour.


The Matte Multiples are a multi-use cream color stick for eyes, lips, and cheeks. I find the new mattes to be more slick and softer than the original. I suggest not to apply directly from the tube, but to rather build the color using fingertips or a brush. They can be used both wet or dry. When using the multiples dry, it is necessary to be careful to blend well to avoid uneven appearance. Bad application could read muddy. When applied with a damp brush the formula applies beautifully with a sheer finish. I must also mention that while the new Mattes are the same price as the original, they are nearly half the size.


Altai is described as a rosy-bronze. It’s a great bronze tone for lighter skin tones and contains a good amount of red-tones to keep it from looking to orange. Altai does remind me a bit of Chanel’s Universal Bronzing Makeup Base in both texture and color. Altai is more brown/red and Chanel is more orange, a plus for NARS. Chanel’s texture blends better.


left: one swipe – right: blended


wearing NARS Matte Multiple in Altai applied to contour of cheeks, sides of forehead and nose

I do recommend the Matte Multiples in the bronze tones for a gorgeous creamy contour. A good cream contour is hard to come by and Altai is a beautiful shade. I don’t think I will be picking up any of the bright shades to use as a blush. I find there are just too many cream blush formulas out there that are perform better.

NARS Matte Multiple in Altai $39,,

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Splurge Skincare

Splurge Skincare urges you to ‘spoil yourself naturally’ with their line of natural and clean beauty products. Created by the minds of two teachers and friends who wanted to  develop a high performance products without all of the nasty. After much researching and testing, they bring us their fabulous scrubs and lip balms.


The Rub 

Splurge’s line of all natural sugar body scrubs contain a decadent variety of shea butters, cocoa butters, safflower oils, and aloe vera leaf juices. A mix of essential oils adds fragrance and additional benefits to their four available scrubs, Lemon, Almond, Peppermint, and Winter. The Rub has just the right amount of scrubby without all the nasty. With just the right ratio of oils to sugar, you wont be dripping a large supply directly down the drain. That’s a deal breaker for me.

The Rub leaves skin smooth, radiant, and amply moisturized. It’s only optional to additional moisturize the skin after shower… win! I do suggest to scrub before your shave, for a smoother finish. Peppermint was definitely my favorite for a post-workout scrub session, to help me feel renewed. The clean fragrance of Lemon and Pepperment are both clean and energizing. I only with there was a bit more kick. Nonetheless, the ladies over at Splurge pretty much nailed the body scrub!

Lip Buttah

The lip butters, or Buttah’s as they say, contain babassu oil, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, organic castor oil and essential oils. They come available in four varieties, including Almond, Peppermint, Orange Chocolate, and Lemon. Also available is a tinted version and I will definitely be needing ‘In Love’.

The Lip Buttah’s go on smooth and last long. The fragrance is slight, which I love. The simple and clean ingredients will help heal and maintain good lip health, without exacerbating the problem with irritants. The Lip Buttah is a beauty!

The Rub 8oz. $26 & Lip Buttah .15oz $7

Get it at

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YSL Spring 2014 ‘Flower Crush’ Collection Rouge Volupté #32 Corail Jalouse

It’s no secret that I am quite a fan of the Rouge Volupté range from YSL (evidence here, here, and here). When I heard word that YSL’s new Spring ‘Flower Crush‘ Collection featured four new shades, my heart began to race. The four new shades included, I  have heard, are said to be permanent. Included in the new release is #31 Fuchsia Storm, #32 Corail Jalouse (featured in this post), #33 Pink Neilia, and #34 Pink Asarina.

YSL-Spring-RV-32-1The formula is standard for the Rouge Volupté, smooth buttery goodness with an opaque finish. Some people find the RV formula too bold. As a little secret, I often times just pat the lipstick on for a less ‘in your face’ look. I personally find the formula very versatile in application.


Corail Jalouse is a light peachy-pink, a stunner for sure. As standard the finish appears somewhat glossy and dries down to a satin finish.


wearing #32 Corail Jalouse
 Some Rouge Volupté comparison swatches
left to right:

YSL Rouge Volupté #30 Faubourg Peach, YSL Rouge Voluté Shine #13 Pink in Paris, YSL Rouge Volupté #6 Pink in Devotion, YSL Rouge Volupté #32 Corail Jalouse, YSL Rouge Volupté #29 Opera Rose

YSL Rouge Volupté #32 Corail Jalouse $34

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